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  1. darthvincor

    Help needed; 2H issues and puzzles

    If all your gauges work, then my best guess is the coolant temp sensor for the glow plug timer. Or maybe the oil pressure switch that cuts off the engine in the event of a sudden oil pressure drop.
  2. darthvincor

    OEM oil filter for 3B diesel engine

    According to toyodiy, for an Oz BJ42 it's: 15600-41010 But indeed they may have updated the number. I'd get them direct from toyota dealer, that's the safest choice. And if you shop with them often enough, you may get a discount like I did.
  3. darthvincor

    2H Fuel Mileage

    I'd be very curious about this too. Take it out, drive the same manner en distance, calculate fuel economy again. Anyway, here's my belief on fuel economy. People who want to improve it, are generally driving in inefficient cars. Old unaerodynamic 4x4s, old gas guzzling full size sedans, etc...
  4. darthvincor

    2H Fuel Mileage

    I too think it looks very dodgy, their website: -Note that there is no clear photo, just a small one. -And how the testimonials are all written in the same style, all well capitalised, punctuated and no typos. -Fuel economy improvements: the base/pre-hiclone numbers are unsourced. -They boast...
  5. darthvincor

    2H maximum torque, at which rpm

    This is something I've been wondering about for years: at what rpm does the 2H get its maximum torque. Does anyone have any official/sourced figures? The reason I bring it up, is because I myself have seen 3 different values: -1800rpm (Toyota sales brochure, circa 1987) and (German site...
  6. darthvincor

    Two questions

    ^Some 2H came with super glow, early ones came with 10.5v fixed delay.
  7. darthvincor

    Broken 12ht

    Very disappointing, I can imagine. If it's an OEM pump, then it's gotta be too tight belts. I know from experience that mechanics love to over-tighten things like belts, nuts and bolts.
  8. darthvincor

    12HT into a 40, all finished.

    That combination of body and engine....very nice. Just a quick question though: is that ok, for the upper rad hose to have a slight bend like that?
  9. darthvincor

    glow plug timer location hj 60 ?

    See my uploaded pic. I think it's the grey one. So next to the air filter housing, right side of the engine bay, as seen from behind the wheel. (but I may be wrong) Regarding popping out of 5th gear. I've heard it's quite common for the h55f, check the 60 series section. (I have an auto, so no...
  10. darthvincor

    Factory 1HZT

    I was wrong too. I too was an ardent disbeliever. Somehow sad that the story is over. :)
  11. darthvincor

    Factory 1HZT

    Sorry. I guess I should've prefaced my post, saying: regarding landcruisers. (in my opinion prados don't count :) )
  12. darthvincor

    Factory 1HZT

    This thread again. It's kinda cool, like our own ih8muddian Loch Ness Monster. :) Look at the various families: B: IDI, NA: 2B, 3B, 3BII DI, NA: 13B DI, turbo: 13BT H: IDI, NA: H, 2H DI, turbo: 12HT HZ/HD: IDI, NA: 1HZ DI, turbo: 1HDT =>there never was a factory combo: IDI/turbo. With the...
  13. darthvincor

    Why have an inner seal on FF?

    I posted on this thread years ago. I can't believe it's still alive. Anyway, to add something useful: My HJ60 is a FF, and the part number for the seal is 90310-35001. A reverse lookup shows it was in use from 1969 till 2006. Including the Dyna, which may indicate it is not necessarily an...
  14. darthvincor

    2H vacuum question

    Here's mine:
  15. darthvincor

    B-series & H-series landcruiser Engine-Serial-Number/VIN-Number thread

    Landcruiser model : HJ60RG-PQ Build date: Jan 1985 Engine Serial No: 2H09444 Block Casting : ? VIN: HJ60025982
  16. darthvincor

    Toyota DYI

    Why delete the thread? Images have disappeared for me too. Isn't part of 'tech' to discuss a website that used to have images, that are at times clearer than the FSM? And then discuss options for alternative websites? Or have we hit the 999,999th thread, and the database can't handle another...
  17. darthvincor

    3b overheating on freeway?

    How about the water pump? My 2H, which I think is technologically very similar and from the same era, runs just fine on the highway, and on hot country nsw summers. The 3B ought to be able to handle the hot weather, in my opinion.
  18. darthvincor

    Sludgy Diesel?

    I'd recommend not touching used diesel oil, if you can avoid it, it's pretty nasty stuff for your skin, new45. I agree: do lots of oil changes. No engine ever complained about that. @hj60: that's a very clean looking set of rockers, on your engine. Awesome.
  19. darthvincor

    2H Colors

    What a handsome engine. :) I always thought it got it's maximum torque at 2000 rpm? Wikipedia and cruiserfaq both say 2000. But I saw a sales brochure that said 1800. And then there's the above pic that also says 1800.
  20. darthvincor

    2H Colors

    My 2H has some evidence that it was indeed once light blue.
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