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  1. heydanno

    2002+ window switch on 2000 Land Cruiser?

    Amazing. Thanks awesomeissquid ! I will see what I can come up with.
  2. heydanno

    2002+ window switch on 2000 Land Cruiser?

    Any electrical whizzes out there? Maybe someone with a wiring diagram for the 2000? (Assuming the 2004 from the FSM is the same as for the 2002 door.)
  3. heydanno

    2002+ window switch on 2000 Land Cruiser?

    I recently replaced my right rear door on my 2000 100 Series as it had body damage. The replacement door is from a 2002(?) Cruiser. Both wire looms plugged in perfectly at the door hinge. The speaker in the new door works, as does the courtesy light and the power lock. The problem is the window...
  4. heydanno

    Brake booster pump strikes again

    @OverlandOutdoors, did you replace the full MC unit yet? All is well? I've got the same sound as in your video, only on initial startup in the morning and only once in a while on my 2000 LC. After lots of searching on here I was going to just do the motor/pump/accumulator but after seeing your...
  5. heydanno

    Screeching/chirping (crickets?) at 1200 RPM

    Thanks everyone. As suspected, it was the serp tensioner. I installed the new one (following these directions) and the chirp is gone. However, I managed to cause a small, temporary antifreeze leak in the process and about a teaspoon of antifreeze dripped on the timing belt during the time the...
  6. heydanno

    RTH: Serp belt tensioner replace; antifreeze leaked onto timing belt

    I'm in the midst of replacing my serpentine belt tensioner today to fix a chirp/squealing noise on my 2000 UZJ100 with ~191 k miles.. Upon removing the tensioner (I followed these instructions) I notice a dripping from below the truck... ugh, antifreeze. Then I notice it is also dripping onto...
  7. heydanno

    Screeching/chirping (crickets?) at 1200 RPM

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I tapped around the cats and I don't think the shields are loose. I didn't have much time this evening but I was able to get the noise to occur intermittently when revving the engine in the driveway (so I don't think it's wheel bearings), and it does seem to...
  8. heydanno

    Screeching/chirping (crickets?) at 1200 RPM

    Hi folks, Noticed recently on my 2000 UZJ100 with 190k a screeching/chirping/crickets/cicada like sound coming from the truck when driving around town. It happens around 1200-1500 RPM; if I goose throttle a bit or let off to get away from that range it goes away. My foot doesn't have to be on...
  9. heydanno

    Lumbar adjuster (Drivers seat) has stopped functioning

    Thought I'd resurrect this old thread with my experience. In my new to me 2000, the lumbar feels excessively firm so as to make it rather uncomfortable, but I couldn't get the motor to respond to release the support. This is how I fixed my problem: 1) First I checked the switch. I used the...
  10. heydanno

    PCS Temporarily Not Available

    Nice time lapse! What did you use for a camera, camera mount, software? Cheers
  11. heydanno

    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Replaced heater hose T-fittings. Old ones:
  12. heydanno

    Apple compatible bluetooth dongle for ODB port?

    Thanks for asking this question, as I'm looking into the same thing. On a technical note, I believe that the only dongles that will work with an iPhone are those that use wifi and not Bluetooh.
  13. heydanno

    Wanted WTB 100 series Pac NW or west coast

    2000 LC w/ about 180k. Higher miles than I wanted, but they guy had a stack of receipts from the Toyota dealer, had owned it for the past 10+ years, and it just had the 90k service done on it at the dealer. Great shape inside and out. This photo is from the first shakedown trip we took in it...
  14. heydanno

    Wanted WTB 100 series Pac NW or west coast

    Found one that's just right... I'm a happy camper...
  15. heydanno

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 for sale in Seattle

    As promised, more photos added to original post!
  16. heydanno

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 for sale in Seattle

    It’s time to sell my FJ62 as I just went over to the UZJ100 dark side. For sale is my 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 for sale with 216,950 miles in original condition. Originally a California truck, it has been in the Seattle area for the past 15 years; I’ve owned it since 2011. I have a stack...
  17. heydanno

    Wanted WTB 100 series Pac NW or west coast

    Looking to upgrade from my FJ62 to something with a little more comfort. Moving east in a couple months and would love to have a new rig to make the trip. Ideally 150,000-ish miles or less but will consider less than 200,000. All stock preferred. Based on the market and my cash in hand I'm...
  18. heydanno

    For Sale Free rear liftgate FJ62 tan (Seattle)

    I have a slightly crumpled (was rear-ended) but fully functional rear liftgate off my 89 FJ62. See photo below. FREE in Seattle. Come get it.
  19. heydanno

    Where to buy steel for build projects?

    I have had good experience with Online Metals (for things other than bumper builds). They're local to me but I used them when I lived elsewhere and had good luck with shipping (and most of their business is shipping). Very good with small orders.
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