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  1. Melloj123

    Warn 8274

    I have an 8274 that has been disassembled, cleaned and painted. All gears and brake good. It is missing control cable and likely needs at least two new solenoids. Plastic cover is broken. Price is $400. Shipping this thing would be expensive but if your willing to pay I will box it up. Rick
  2. Melloj123

    For Sale - New Bumper and Scripts

    New apron LandCruiser scripts still in Toyota wrapper. $30 for pair + shipping. New front bumper still in Toyota box. $100 + shipping. PM or 502-807-9927
  3. Melloj123

    77 FJ40 Rust Free- Low Miles

    Guys - I am the loser who sold the truck. Actually got $14 but that is a far cry from $25. I am sick. My bad for not keeping up with the market and knowing its value. The dude that bought the truck said he worked on cruisers for a living and this was his dream truck. Keeping it forever. Someone...
  4. Melloj123

    77 FJ40 Rust Free- Low Miles

    Truck is sold. Thanks for all the interest. Nice talking with several of you. Truck has a good home with an avid mudder. Rick
  5. Melloj123

    77 FJ40 Rust Free- Low Miles

    This truck came to Kentucky from Nevada about 9 years ago. It has about 50% original paint, olive green, and just over 32,000 miles. It is a Calif emissions truck. The 2F was desmogged with a header when I bought it. Since I have owned it, I have installed 2 1/2 in Hell Creek lift and new BFG...
  6. Melloj123

    1977 fj40 vacuum system help!

    I have a desmogged 77. It was Calif emissions and desmogged when i bought it. Jim C rebuilt my carb 4 years ago and it runs great. No smog pump. Starts first time every time. I would definitely recommend keeping your Aisin carb. I will try to get some pics soon but it is colder than hell here now.
  7. Melloj123

    Who has a 4" lift and parks in a garage?

    My 2 1/2 inch lift with 33's clears my 7 foot door by about 1/4 inch.
  8. Melloj123

    gel coat 40 top

    I gel coated a top with a product I bought from a local Marine repair shop. They sold me a gallon from bulk and the hardener. I used a small finish roller on their recommendation. Turned out good except it had a small amount of texture similar to bed liner but smoother. Texture was not that...
  9. Melloj123

    Thinking about buying first FJ. Is this an o k deal for this fj?

    Looks like a solid and complete 40. Being in NM should mean little or no rust. Complete rhinolined would be a big negative for me but maybe not for everyone. Be care of what rhinoline might be covering up. For me, I could never buy a car sight unseen. I am sure there are some happy ebay buyers...
  10. Melloj123

    Early 40 Front Seat Parts

    Bottom frame for drivers side seat with tool box catches $20 +ship Steel seat back $20 +ship
  11. Melloj123

    40 Door Panels and Misc

    Door panels pending and I just realized that I am going to need the door locks for my half door project. Therefore not for sale. Could not figure out how to edit post. Sorry.
  12. Melloj123

    40 Door Panels and Misc

    Fit is excellent.
  13. Melloj123

    40 Door Panels and Misc

    These door panels are from a 78. They are black repo hard plastic in excellent condition. Label on back says Pacol. Clips included. $50 plus shipping. Also from a 78 Window regulators $30 pr + ship Inside door latches, linkage, locks and trail handles. Plastic escutchions not included. $30 pr...
  14. Melloj123

    Just bought my first 40 and looking for ideas on where to start...

    Be sure to give us an AFTER picture when you have it demossed and cleaned up.
  15. Melloj123

    Cost vs Quality diff for fj40 interior door inserts.

    I have a set of aftermarket door panels off my 77 for sale. They have the same design as OEM. If interested send me a PM. I can send you a picture.
  16. Melloj123

    Took the plunge!

    Quite honestly, I do envy you. I love restoration projects but I am retired and have the time. Would love to have a winter project like yours. Take your time and you will have a lot of fun and satisfaction .
  17. Melloj123

    Wanted ambulance door lower hinge

    I have a full set of ambi door hinges. $25 + shipping for all four. Dont want to break up the set.
  18. Melloj123

    Wanted Wanted fj60 tailgate

    I have an upper lift gate with small rust hole ( smaller than dime size) in lower glass corner. Good glass. $40 + shipping from Ky. Rick
  19. Melloj123

    Calling all Paint Guru's

    My .02. If I was going to all the trouble to sandblast etc. I would definitely NOT use rattle can Krylon. For about $75 you can buy a gallon of PPG Shopline acrylic enamel. That and a Harbor Freight HVLP gun will get you a durable nice finish. Etching primer and combo primer/ sealer is all that...
  20. Melloj123

    fj40 carb cooling you run yours?

    My 77 Cali emissions fan is just like the one above. Mounts in frount corner. I got mine working yesterday after reading this thread. Had to jumper thermistor. Runs and shuts downs as it should but now runs every time a start engine even if its just for a short time. Is new thermistor available...
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