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  1. derail

    Wanted D.U.I. distributor

    Will do. Thanks.
  2. derail

    Wanted D.U.I. distributor

    Thanks. I was just making sure someone didn't have a used one taking up space before I bought new.
  3. derail

    Wanted D.U.I. distributor

    I want my sniper to control the timing.
  4. derail

    Wanted D.U.I. distributor

    I'm looking for a D.U.I distributor for a 2f. There's a 6-8 week wait for a new one and thought I'd ask here first.
  5. derail

    Window regulators

    @Hobbs81, Have you seen this? 69801-90353 (the ones he's selling) say for 09/75-07/80. Driver's side, front door.
  6. derail

    For Sale Door Handle Plunger Gaskets – v2

    If there's another batch coming, I'll take a set also. Thanks.
  7. derail

    Lil help from a Californian…

    @dfarley4504 I'm in Redding. Pm me.
  8. derail

    Extended brake lines

    They have the proper ends on them. (other than shaving down the middle ring) I originally went with the t100 line from post 6 ‘75 Fj40 front brake soft line sanity check -, but the male threads were about 5mm...
  9. derail

    Extended brake lines

    The one I bought was from SOR. They're usually not my first choice for parts due to the shipping prices, but this was small enough to choose the USPS option and it wasn't too bad.
  10. derail

    Extended brake lines

    I shaved the part in red down with an angle grinder and gentle touch so that it was round and would slip through the frame mount keeper. Then used the spring tension u-shaped clip on the outside notch to hold it on. Seems to be working well so far.
  11. derail

    For Sale FJ40 parts

    I'll take the air vents. Sending a PM.
  12. derail

    What kinda winch is this?

    @Pigeaten Here's one for sale not too far from you.
  13. derail

    Overland Pig update

    For Sale - New Cummins R2.8 complete crate engine for sale - No need to wait two months!
  14. derail

    FJ55 TWO THINGS: Hood Release In Cab Handle and Blinkers

    @esbuff1978 , there's a used hood release and cable for sale in the classifieds right now if you're interested. Post #34
  15. derail

    For Sale Pacific Northwest: Hand made Land Cruiser key chain tag.

    I'll take that one. Sent you a PM.
  16. derail

    Meet Steve

    I might have missed it, but what's the a/c setup? A Vintage Air 40 series modified to fit?
  17. derail

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    @Idaho Savage which booster bracket did you use to clear the firewall bib?
  18. derail

    Wanted 40 series front disc axle complete SoCal

    @kcanderson3 where are you located? Others might be interested (myself included) if @landcruisnman passes.
  19. derail


    I'm no expert, but I think that your rear shackles are on upside down. I'm pretty sure that the small angled side goes on top if that makes sense?
  20. derail

    The dreaded overpressure fuel tank!

    This was happening on my 75 pig. After making sure that I could blow through ALL the lines freely, I changed the cap, charcoal canister, and check valve. I'm not sure which one did it, but it has never happened since. Not once. The charcoal canister is not available anymore I believe, so I went...
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