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  1. SLOonTheGo

    Roll Call: 40's in the SF Bay Area

    Hollister hills mud is the worst. That clay sticks to everything and no matter how much you power wash it never really gets clean. I could be convinced to do a snow run if there is a decent sized group.
  2. SLOonTheGo

    Roll Call: 40's in the SF Bay Area

    San Francisco, my cruisers live elsewhere unfortunately.
  3. SLOonTheGo

    Recommendations on how to remove a seized differential fill plug

    Two best options I have found are a chisel and a dremel to clean up around the plug and give it something for a socket to grab. Or if you have access to a welder, weld a new nut onto the plug and remove it that way.
  4. SLOonTheGo

    Half front door project

    I have half doors like you are describing on my rig. Right now I do not have any close up photos though. The way the doors work is that there are small tubes a few inches long welded into the top plate of the door that line up with the dowels coming down out of the Best Top window upper. The...
  5. SLOonTheGo

    Tires - selection is thin OME 2.5" Lift

    Stock wheels and a set of 33x10.5 bfg AT's. Like a few have said you may need to trim the lip on the rear fenders. That being said I run 31x9.5 super swampers on stock rims, no lift. I cruised around Moab just fine last summer and run a few fun trails here in Ca as well. Plus they look cool.
  6. SLOonTheGo

    I broke it... need some help fixin'

    Like many here have said you may as well upgrade to later model knuckles and disk brakes. It will give you a stronger birfield and disks. 1973Guppies review was great for me, I followed it step by step in my grandparents garage and had my knuckles, birfs, and disks updated and new seals and...
  7. SLOonTheGo

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    I took it wheeling in Hollister Hills for the last time before it heads into the shop with the mad scientist FC187 for some upgrades.
  8. SLOonTheGo

    Win a new Metal-tech 4x4 FJ40 instrument bezel!

    I can haz?
  9. SLOonTheGo


    Yeah, the later model rims have spot welded tabs for the hubcap clips. The earlier drum rims are riveted to hold on the tabs. Let me find some pictures. The first is a 74 rim, off of mine. Note the rivets on the tabs. cant seem to find one of my new rims from a 78.
  10. SLOonTheGo


    74 was drums all around, the rivets on the wheels will hit the caliper unless you use spacers. You can wait and find a set of disc wheels, get some spacers to run them, or grind the caliper to clearance them. That being said, getting a disc set is the easiest to do and requires no mods to your...
  11. SLOonTheGo

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Installed a FC Fabrications removable Lincoln Locker in the rear end. Pulled the soft top and doors and wheeled the crap out of it at the FJ 45 run with Georg and the boys.
  12. SLOonTheGo

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Installing fj60 master cylinder and booster into the 40 and new paint. Rewiring my tac and stereo since both died on me. :whoops:
  13. SLOonTheGo

    Disc conversion "74 FJ40

    The differences are really minor, more parts difference, the procedure is the main thing to follow. Really intuitive once you start to take things apart. When I did mine, Georg had me tear down the fj60 axle so I would know how to put the parts onto the 40 axle. Just make sure to label things...
  14. SLOonTheGo

    Disc conversion "74 FJ40 Thats the one I followed to do my 74 disk swap.
  15. SLOonTheGo

    New sliders installed by Don - They ROCK

    I loved those sliders when I was in Georg and Don's shop over the summer. Don does great work and definitely gave me upgraditis... Again what a superb rig Splash well done.
  16. SLOonTheGo

    Rookie towing question Search is your friend.
  17. SLOonTheGo

    FJ40 Picture Thread Lots of hot cruiser action.
  18. SLOonTheGo

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Changed the oil, replaced some fuses and rainX'd the windshield. Went to Hollister to visit friends and did some 4wheeling at hollister hills, pulled out some very stuck kids in a mini truck. They were stuck for over 3 hours before I got there. Then replaced my battery after it was stolen from...
  19. SLOonTheGo

    fj55 on a Chevy frame-has it been done? Frizzlefry has done it.
  20. SLOonTheGo

    Fuel Injector? H & 2H

    you might want to try posting this down in the diesel cruiser section. They would probably know more about the H engine.
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