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  1. rgsiii

    Builds The Oddball 80 - Middle East GX Renovation

    There might be another scenario. When I looked up Lamar Stewart, in Louisiana this came up. Greenwell springs is just out of Baton Rouge. He apparently worked for Aramco at some point/points. I wonder if the fellow bought it overseas and then...
  2. rgsiii

    Builds The Oddball 80 - Middle East GX Renovation

    The circular decal may correspond to the Gregorian year 1996-97 with the twelve month around it. My daughter is fluent in arabic and I sent her a message to try to translate--it may be a while before I get a response.
  3. rgsiii

    Rear Bumper

    I have have a 4x4 Labs rear bumper since about 2004. It is very good and has held up well.
  4. rgsiii

    Who to get yota parts from now that American Toyota doesn't ship?

    It was sort of sad yesterday, physically went to American Toyota for an 80 series air filter and was told they did not stock old parts like that. How things have changed.
  5. rgsiii

    Towing a 2000lb teardrop

    In a non Turbocharged 80, the Eisenhower tunnel has always been a bear for me. The last time up, I was barely able to get up to 25 after a Prius caused me to come to a near complete stop; on the way up to the Eisenhower Tunnel. I imagine he was trying to optimize the angle of a solar panel or...
  6. rgsiii

    Long Range Automotive LRA 24 Aux Tank Meets an 80 Series Land Cruiser

    I don't get on mud much anymore. Here is the link to my 2006 installation. Man-A-Fre 24 gallon auxilliary tank
  7. rgsiii

    Intermittent starting

    I would definitely change the fusible link. It is simple fix and can be the originator of much anguish. In the US, it is about £16--likely much higher where you are located. It is a 5 minute process to change it.
  8. rgsiii

    Need a suggestion - battery

    They all fail, some quicker than others. My friendly neighborhood NAPA has been great and in if a battery fails even install the size 31's. I have had very bad luck with Optima, ok luck with Costco (one hour drive and no installation) and better luck with NAPA. Go the easiest route.
  9. rgsiii

    Charcoal Canister - Great Option!

    I couldn't get one today at AutoZone and ordered one from NAPA from the Delco numbers. It will likely be about $70 when the dust clears. Just came back from Colorado and Utah, my auxiliary gas tank was having real problems being pumped to primary tank. It seems to be working at near sea...
  10. rgsiii

    Cruiser Dan's knuckle rebuild kit question.

    Onur and I seem to follow each other, a move to Colorado must be in my future.
  11. rgsiii

    Diesel 80 or diesel 60, for our second vehicle? We have a gas 80.

    I have been a front passenger of a LHD vehicle in a RHD country. When the driver moved out to take look, as in passing a truck, my pulse went up considerably. :-)
  12. rgsiii

    DieHard Platinum 31M DEAD

    I have had very poor luck with both the Sears Diehard Platinums and the Optima batteries. Don't know the cause of the Diehard problems. It has occurred in both of my dual battery 80's and in my single battery Sequoia. I believe every battery in both 80's and the Sequoia has been replaced...
  13. rgsiii

    Need Parts Advice

    I normally go with Mr. T's and get it get it from one of the nearest of his dealers--American Toyota. :D
  14. rgsiii

    Brake Pad DIY?

    This sounds like my past few days. I was just doing the rear pads, then it was the rotors and rebuilding the calipers, then saw the rust so now a new caliper. :lol: I am getting afraid to look at the front.:D
  15. rgsiii

    Duratrac's a good compromise for everything?

    I have 285's on one of my 80's. I previously ran Nitto Terra Grapplers on both. I was very happy with the TG's and have gotten about 50K on each. I was wanting a more aggressive tire and was initially holding out for the Nitto Trail Grapplers to come out in a 285/75/16 size--it still may...
  16. rgsiii

    Looking for Pictures of 4x4 Labs Bike Rack

    I have the 4x4 Lab bike racks on both of my 80's. My '97 is in Tijeras getting some work done by Ali and I am in Las Vegas and will likely be going to ABQ in the next few days in my '94. If you wanted to get up close to one, it shouldn't be a problem. Mine are the same style as Count_Fred.
  17. rgsiii

    Which brake rotors/pads to use??

    I have tried drilled and slotted super duper rotors and high end pads and now will only use Mr. T's.
  18. rgsiii

    Which Terra Grappler?

    I agree with D.
  19. rgsiii

    20k in blue hub & still hot

    You may want to get something like a scangauge II--it would give you some precise numbers.
  20. rgsiii

    Turbo engine rebuild (New Title)

    Does raki?:D
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