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  1. IPOR

    New IPOR Fj40 Gauge cluster alternative

    LOL. Good point. I would totally agree except I see this product meeting the needs of a wider audience (OE powerplant as well as conversions such as 3FE/1FZFE/UZJ/LS1/LQ9/6BT/4BT/ISB...) and I don't think the check engine light is too great a burden to bear for those with stock powerplants...
  2. IPOR

    New IPOR Fj40 Gauge cluster alternative

    We're pretty pleased to find a gauge cluster unit that features 21st Century technology and a limited lifetime warranty at a reasonable price point. Our experience, like many 40-series Land Cruiser owners, is the absence of OEM cluster availability with the only alternative being a used unit...
  3. IPOR

    Split case 4:1, are these output shaft gears bearing supported?

    Unless the customer supplies parts from sources unknown we use a brand new H55 from Toyota and rebuild a domestic FJ60 case to mate to it. We do not sell the used 5 speeds because they're always pretty worn out by the time they get sent to the USA and by the time you pay for the used part and...
  4. IPOR

    622 - Nebula Green

    . . 622 - "Nebula" a.k.a. pallet rack green... . .
  5. IPOR

    1FZ FJ40 Problems

    PAIR valve. It's an emissions control device, works similar to an air pump on the f/2f. HTH,
  6. IPOR

    FJ55 Newer versus older

    Lil John has it pretty much nailed. Couple things I would add: - The longer wheelbase of the 55 makes for a much smoother ride, big improvement in comfort for those accustomed to driving a 40. - 55's are much heavier than 40's and benefit greatly from the addition of PS. We normally install...
  7. IPOR

    LINE-X for the Tub. Is the price right?

    So we went to line-x and paid them a lot of money to do their job for them. We taped all of the cut lines and dash with 3M tape instead of letting them use their "line-x brand" tape. The line-x brand tape is really cheap stuff - very aggressive adhesive, tears and separates like dollar store...
  8. IPOR

    About time I did a buildup thread

    Wow Tim, great work. Very innovative. I love the way you find positive solutions instead of problems.
  9. IPOR

    LINE-X for the Tub. Is the price right?

    Have any of you had problems with the Line-X tape pulling up paint when they pull the tape off? We've had a lot of problems with that lately. We typically let the paint (which is baked in the booth) cure for about 4 weeks before bringing it to line-x. The inside of the tub is shot only in...
  10. IPOR

    On-Board Welders...What do you guys use/recommend?

    I've used premier, mobi-weld and ready welders. I bought my first mobi-weld about 12 years ago, great unit. Easy and safe to use. The power output on an onboard welder is dependent upon alternator output - and back then Mobi-weld offered several bosch alternators to fit various applications...
  11. IPOR

    Mobi-Arc in my 55 saves the day

    Had a steering gear (saginaw) tear off of the frame of one of the trucks in our group on our GSMTR trip last week. (Actually it happend at Winrock on a trail called 'Rattler', those familiar with it will understand - big rocks, everywhere...) Fortunately we had just put a mobi-weld into...
  12. IPOR

    heritage sheet metal where did they go?

    The reason IPOR only ships to Canada with restrictions is because we perpetually have problems collecting import duties from the purchaser. (the duties, often as high as 30% are then billed back to us by the import agency). We will ship to Canada, but Import Duties must be guaranteed in...
  13. IPOR

    heritage sheet metal where did they go?

    I have one 79+ half tub in stock (thought it was sold but deal fell through). Take this off my hands before Dec 15th and I'll knock $200 off. (today is the 14th, so you have about 2.5 hours to take advantage of the special, after that it goes back to the warehouse) Sorry for the late...
  14. IPOR

    heritage sheet metal where did they go?

    That's correct. Due to a miscommunication with TLC the HSM site was brought down before the domain was fully transferred and we had no replacement for it. We are currently working on a new site. In the mean time please call IPOR 1-866-iron-pig for pricing and availability. When we bought...
  15. IPOR

    Heritage economy 1/2 tubs

    Clearly we're not marketing this as a solution for a gold class restoration, we can provide those too, but the "economy" tub is not just a trail beater tub by any means. In fact, most people would be quite impressed with any restoration done with this 1/2 tub. Next to 99% of the...
  16. IPOR

    Heritage economy 1/2 tubs

    The "premium" panels are made in Panama and sold in the USA by Heritage Sheet Metal and a group of dealers across the USA. The "economy" panels are made in Columbia and are imported direct by Iron Pig Off Road in Fredericksburg, VA - 1-866-iron-pig. We are a stocking distributor which means...
  17. IPOR

    Iron Pig Off Road FJ55 Project

    Nah, I have too much coin in the 60 to throw it to the curb just yet. The 55 is fun to drive with the manual trans too. It would be nice to have dual cases, but at $3k it's going to be a while before that happens. It works really well just like it is... good enough for this wheeling season...
  18. IPOR

    Iron Pig Off Road FJ55 Project

    Loaded and ready for GSMTR... Got the tube fenders done, armor plating, some grab handles, soft top and LED rock lights installed... gonna be a good time! Lance
  19. IPOR

    40 Tire Carrier Build

    Nice work Hawk. Hmm... looks a bit familiar... LOL! You going to put in recovery points? We will soon be selling our massive 1" thick recovery points as DIY parts. Add a set of those and you could really have something there... ha, ha. Good...
  20. IPOR

    Iron Pig Off Road FJ55 Project

    OK - had a problem with the digi-cam card slot but it's fixed now. Here's a pic from the buggy up at Paragon on Pebbles. It's been a month since I last wheeled it. I have one tube fender done on the front, and some more sheetmetal grafting done. Need the other tube fender finished and then...
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