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    4.10’s to 4.30’s. Worth It?

    That ARB bumper on that wreck looks pretty good...
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    For Sale Ultra rare 1987 Toyota Blizzard RHD 1.4 Diesel 5 speed in Benton Ar 72015

    The dreaded first post listing without a price...
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    ASFIR 4x4 Skid Install

    The U-bolts of my OPOR/MetalTech sliders fit precisely over the mounting bracket for my ASFIR middle plate.
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    SOLD NIB 98-01 100 Series Tail Light Guards

    Still have these?
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    For Sale Lancaster, PA 2006 Tundra Crew Cab V8

    Is that snow on the back seat? Is the window ok on that side?
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    For Sale Canoga Park, Ca 1999 Land Cruiser

    Sharp looking. GLWS (I really shouldn't be looking in the 100 section...)
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    is there a tire psi change for larger tires?

    Extremely helpful thread! Was pondering this, thinking there probably was a calculation to get things started... Will wait for nicer weather to do a chalk test.
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    1998 High Mileage - Removing Vibrations

    Never thought of replacing the weight after it was missing after some trails. Maybe I should put that on the list.
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    100 series / lx470 alternator replacement quick tips no pictures

    Those look awfully good for bad brushes.
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    For Sale Lensun 20 watt flexible solar panel. New York

    Interested - What do you think about shipping?
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    New 100-Series Owner Looking for Advice

    @RND1 Black '99 - but lately my daily is a blue Outback that goes completely unnoticed :cool:
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    New 100-Series Owner Looking for Advice

    Hello from another MA guy. Nothing much to add to the general consensus - all good thoughts. Now that the weather is cold I'd start by spraying just about any liquid oil on the rust to get good penetration, followed by the thicker product of your choice; FF, WoolWax, PB, etc (bought in bulk...
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    SOLD Portland, OR: 2004 Toyota LC 100 Series

    One way or another I think the community will be interested to hear your asking price...
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    Newbie to 100 series

    Looks good. Not that I'm any authority - my first priorities were sliders and a little bit of underside armor. MetalTech/OPOR and ASFIR respectively. Followed quickly by Escape Gear seat covers.
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    They give me the fizz every time I use one... Knipex Pliers Wrenches!

    Funny, a friend was just thanking me for suggesting them to his wife before Christmas. Love mine, both the pliers wrenches and cobras. The pliers wrench really is the exception to "An adjustable wrench is, by definition, the wrong tool".
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    Has anyone ever used a Manicci floormats?

    Those look nice -but my wife would probably note that their similarity to the interior of a padded room was all too fitting...
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    1D2 Thundercloud in a Rattle Can Spray Bomb

    Somewhat more seriously than before ~ when weathered after brushing on Rust Bullet looks rather like hot-dipped galvanizing. It doesn't seem incongruous for your sliders to look 'tougher' than the rest of the truck.
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    100 series / lx470 alternator replacement quick tips no pictures

    If you mean replace the brushes without pulling the alternator - no way. Can't imagine even getting the rear cover off without removing the alternator. Soak every connecting part with ATF/and or your favorite quality penetrating oil several times in the days leading up to the job ~...
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