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  1. LegShot

    For Sale Oregon random parts to many to list 93- 97 multiple trucks

    Do you have a front bumper for a ‘94?
  2. LegShot

    For Sale Most Recent 80 Series Prices

    I think the price is fair. I would drive a 1HZ before buying. I prefer the 1HDT.
  3. LegShot

    Wanted Diesel 80 Series

    Thanks! Would prefer the 1-HDT or newer. You will definitely regret selling this.
  4. LegShot

    Wanted Diesel 80 Series

    Still looking, let me know if you have one taking up space. Thanks!
  5. LegShot

    SOLD Phoenix: 1997 HDJ81 w/ 102K miles

    Seems like there are a lot of HDJ81’s out there right now. If it was an HDJ80, I would buy immediately.
  6. LegShot

    Parting Out Sacramento Ca 1994 FZJ80 .

    Do you have the metal factory radio mounts?
  7. LegShot

    SOLD OKC, 96 LX450 3X Locked Price Drop

    Ughhhh, now I’m tempted!
  8. LegShot

    SOLD OKC, 96 LX450 3X Locked Price Drop

    Love this rig!
  9. LegShot

    SOLD Seabrook Texas 96 LX 450 3X Texas

    Your 80 is killer! Just bite the bullet and swap a diesel. It’s just $.
  10. LegShot

    SOLD Tucson, Az 72k miles triple locked

    Know your audience!
  11. LegShot

    SOLD Barn door UAE spec FJ80

    Pretty sure it was $32k
  12. LegShot

    For Sale Antioch Ca 1996 LX450

    More pictures would be helpful. Interior and undercarriage please!
  13. LegShot

    SOLD (Purchase Complete) WTB: Any Location 1996-1997 LC/LX Locked

    With prices these days, not sure I would either!
  14. LegShot

    SOLD 1996 LandCruiser FZJ80

    Great decision!
  15. LegShot

    SOLD San Antonio, Texas

    And the award for the weirdest classified ad ever goes to…..
  16. LegShot

    SOLD 1997 LX450 - Texas

    There should be an escrow account with a non refundable deposit for people that back out. Another reason I don’t like BAT.
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    For Sale Most Recent 80 Series Prices

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