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    1963 FJ45 SWB

    Is this Ike's old 45? As others have said, keep it as-is and just use it.
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    FJ55 sold for ONLY $4,000 in 20 minutes in Aspen, CO

    Honestly, you are probably better off for having nothing to do with that pig in Aspen. It didn't have much going for it.
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    FJ55 sold for ONLY $4,000 in 20 minutes in Aspen, CO

    I found a pic of the one I'm referring to. This is when it was dead on the side of the road.
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    FJ55 sold for ONLY $4,000 in 20 minutes in Aspen, CO

    If it's the one that I know in Aspen that is all tan and has a big front bumper with a winch, then it is a huge POS. I left a note on it when it was dead on the side of the road about a year ago. It sat on Hwy 82 for about a week and received lots of notices to remove it and then I presume it...
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    Extended brake lines

    I did the same with mine and all is well. I tried using a grinder but found better results using a hacksaw and a file while clamped in my vice. It took all of about 3 mins.
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    SOLD Colorado: 1986 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Subaru 2.5L conversion

    Yes, it was. It has sold.
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    SOLD Colorado: 1986 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Subaru 2.5L conversion

    1986 Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Subaru 2.5L Price: 25000 1986 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Weekender. It has a Subaru 2.5L engine from a 2010 Outback. 100k miles on engine and 10k miles since install; the 2.5L had 90k miles on it when installed in 2019. Unfortunately, I have to sell it due to...
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    Wanted FJ55 hood prop needed

    I need a hood prop rod for a 1976 FJ55. It will need to be from a 1/75 to 1/79. Anyone have one laying around? I will need it shipped to CO. Thanks!
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    Events/Trails 💥Pig Party 2022💥

    RFSD still uses the land there by the river across from Cerise and there are more lands now including a 10-acre parcel up Lead King. For my classes, we have backpacking permits up the Fryingpan, we backcountry ski to 10th Mtn huts, and we also hike slot canyons in the San Rafael Swell. I...
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    Events/Trails 💥Pig Party 2022💥

    Carbondale Community Preschool?...2 blocks south of Main....yeah, my wife went there....probably with you! She graduated in 95 from Roaring Fork and her sister graduated in 93. I'm sure you know many of the same people and I probably know a few of the people you went to school with. My wife's...
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    Events/Trails 💥Pig Party 2022💥

    Interesting. I wonder if you saw any of my trucks around. My 76 Pig is from Carbondale and was blue and white until it was painted all white in the 90s. Also, my 45 short bed is from Aspen, and spent a lot of time in Carbondale. What preschool did you go to? My wife was born in Glenwood and...
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    Events/Trails 💥Pig Party 2022💥

    Hey @Gordobe ! It was great to get to know you during your stay in Carbondale and I'm glad we got you all patched up and back on the road. Safe travels home and stay in touch..... And take care of that nice Pig of yours! Hoping to meet you all at the next Pig Party! John
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    For Sale SoCal- 1pair AVM coarse spline hubs

    I remember the blur for sure! I recall all of us tearing down housings so we could load you up! Good times.
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    45's in the winter pictures

    Yep, that was me! Was that when you drove your LPB out and stopped by? I sure don't remember the shirt though but...that was a while ago.
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    Who still uses their 45 for work?

    Here are a few pics of mine hauling some stuff; furniture, car parts, dirt, etc. I use my 45 quite often for hauling crap and my headache rack comes in very handy; I'm glad I put it on as it's nice to tie stuff down and I don't fear stuff breaking the back window. The last one with the desk on...
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    45's in the winter pictures

    Maybe?!...Where did you get that?
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    45's in the winter pictures

    Getting the Christmas tree.
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    Wanted FJ60 rear hub center caps needed in Colorado

    I'm looking for one of the below rear center hub caps for an FJ60 or a pair of the later model caps; the 42603-60053 which are the all-black ones that read Toyota. I realize I can get new ones from Toyota and other vendors but used is fine with me. Let me know what you got.
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    3B alternators - Has anyone tried these?

    My 3b alternator smoked the resistor. I found this guy in Australia OEX Alternator 12V 50A (Denso Style) HXA003 | Sparesbox - The website says it fits but does anyone know if it does?
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    SOLD Colorado: 5 OEM steel split rims 5 on 150

    These wheels are sold.
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