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  1. gotmud

    OEM O2 Sensors

    August bump
  2. gotmud

    For Sale 80 Series Rear OEM Springs

    Came out of the :princess:'s '93 with 3rd row. Color codes are purple/purple, yellow, aka 48231-6A080 and 48231-6A100. $45 + shipping from 85298.
  3. gotmud

    OEM O2 Sensors

    June Bump
  4. gotmud

    OEM O2 Sensors

    PM's answered. Other years/applications are available, just shoot me a PM.
  5. gotmud

    OEM O2 Sensors

  6. gotmud

    For Sale Third row grey leather seats and seat belts complete.

    Bump for a good deal!
  7. gotmud

    OEM O2 Sensors

    OK, thread revival here with updated prices: ’91-‘92 89465-69025 LIST $178.02 'Mud Cost $130 89465-69035 LIST $178.02 'Mud Cost $130 ’93-‘94 89465-69125 LIST $178.02 'Mud Cost $130 89465-69115 LIST $178.02 'Mud Cost $130 ’95-‘97 89465-69085 LIST $149.24 'Mud Cost $109 89465-69105...
  8. gotmud

    Wanted FSM 1994 fzj 80 Wanted

    If you don't mind a downloadable one, you can find the link here on mud. Do a search for "gotmud + fsm" and you'll find the link. It's a free download.
  9. gotmud

    Wanted front axle rebuild kit parts for a 80 series

    Check out Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters.
  10. gotmud

    For Sale Land Rover Cup Holder

    Sure. I'll shoot you a PM.
  11. gotmud

    For Sale Land Rover Cup Holder

    Brand new. Works great mounted on the 80's console. $25 plus shipping from PHX. Hard to see in the picture, but the bottom is gray.
  12. gotmud

    Wanted AZ - 80 Series Exhaust

  13. gotmud

    Wanted AZ - 80 Series Exhaust

    Mostly looking for the factory down pipes for a 1FZ-FE (either style). Don't need the cats. Will consider OEM muffler and tailpipe/resonator as well. Shoot me a PM or email:
  14. gotmud

    OME 863J's

    Yes, they are.
  15. gotmud

    OME 863J's

    I have one set of used 863J springs. Were on my '94 for about 18 months. Asking $100/pair - includes free shipping. First one to send the funds to gets them.
  16. gotmud

    Wanted FJ80 Front Right Brake Caliper

    Wouldn't buying a reman'd unit locally make more cents?
  17. gotmud

    For Sale 80 Series BIRF and Drive flange

    Smokin' deal!
  18. gotmud

    For Sale 4 Bilstein shocks off of my 1997 FZJ80.

    Good deal for anyone looking for a set of shocks.
  19. gotmud

    OEM O2 Sensors

    Anyone still interested? If not, we'll move on to something else.
  20. gotmud

    For Sale 94 fj80 motor bham al

    FYI, shipping from 35201 to Phoenix would be about $250. That's assuming a lot (business with forklift or dock, etc...), but gives someone an idea of where to start.
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