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  1. Bitehard

    Custom HDJ81 Sliders

    Nice work on the fabrication
  2. Bitehard

    Help Wife on the road and all warning lights are flikering

    I too am having intermittent flickering of my warning lights. I had a diesel leak from my ACSD and I think that some crud may have built up around my contacts but I will take a look and make sure to post the solution if I arrive at a simple one. Rob at RADD Cruisers did a very fast and...
  3. Bitehard

    91 HDJ 81 VX Limited Edtion

    Called you and left message as requested. You can try my cell this evening. 883-0563
  4. Bitehard

    91 HDJ 81 VX Limited Edtion

    This 91 HDJ 81 is in mint condition. RHd imported from Japan. I have converted the headlights to FJ 80 lights to meet Transport Canada Guidelines 6 cyl Diesel 2 in lift Factory Lockers Roof Rack (not shown) 159,000 kms BEB redone by RADD Cruisers Injectors Cleaned Brand New Telstar Tires...
  5. Bitehard

    something dripping under PS front running board

    it is probably water. If you look forward you will likely see a plug under there (or in your case one that is missing) which allows for water drainage
  6. Bitehard

    Similarity & differences between fzj80/HDJ81?

    there are a lot of structural similarities, certainly the electrical is different
  7. Bitehard

    HDJ 81 Diesel Leak - Help Wanted!

    Well I fired up the cruiser this morning and had to get out to go get something when I noticed a leak on the ground. Dried everything out and noticed it wasn't leaking. Fired it up and it started leaking.:mad: So I traced the source of the leak to what appears to be a spring at the side of the...
  8. Bitehard

    HDJ81(Diesel) owners….what are you getting for mileage?

    I am about the same as everyone else at approx 8km/l. I bought diesel for the possibilities of one day getting off the grid with some french fry grease. In addition the exceptional lubricants seem to give the engine a longer life then gassers.
  9. Bitehard

    Parking lot incident

    Go with your insurance...
  10. Bitehard

    New to boards and FJ 80

    Welcome to Mud:flipoff2:
  11. Bitehard

    With or without it

    No guards, no guards, no guards (say it like you are chanting)
  12. Bitehard

    I have a Carfax account....

    Thanks so much...
  13. Bitehard

    I have a Carfax account....

    Can one of you guys possibly check a car for me. 3VWCP21C03M415315 A car for my wife. Thanks
  14. Bitehard

    Headlights- HELP! converting Hdj 81 to fj 80

    I picked up my FJ 80 lights from and with shipping they were around 500.00 CDN delivered. Happy to have them in now... It shouldn't be a problem to pass inspection with E-Code lighting, the only difficulty is when you get stopped by the police and because they might not know...
  15. Bitehard

    Headlights- HELP! converting Hdj 81 to fj 80

    There is no doubt it not a huge issue but it would be a PITA to be continually sent to inspection while the JDM crackdown continues.... For those who can't find the hella relays I have found this site It has a relay for 9005/9006 to H4 which would forgo...
  16. Bitehard

    How meny Milles have yours 80 Series ?

    91 HDJ 81 with 155,00 kilometers so I think that's something like 95,000 miles...Just breaking the diesel beast in
  17. Bitehard

    Joined the dark side..

    Looks good man!
  18. Bitehard

    Headlights- HELP! converting Hdj 81 to fj 80

    Hey Darren, JDM lights actually have 3 adjustment screws. The one for the left and right movement is located on the top right corner at the back of the light. It has directional indicators telling you which way to turn it. If you are running JDM lights and are not getting people flashing you...
  19. Bitehard

    Headlights- HELP! converting Hdj 81 to fj 80

    JDM Headlight Compliance Issues Some have asked why I chose the FJ80 lights over the E Codes. While E Code lights meet compliance requirements I can tell you that Police Officers are not being instructed by Transport Canada about any compliance other than DOT/SAE. So without those stamped...
  20. Bitehard

    Headlights- HELP! converting Hdj 81 to fj 80

    All that remains now is put the bulbs into the new lights. At this stage it is a good precautionary measure to test them again before securing everything back in place. Also you will need to remove all the little plastic screw grommets from the old lights and snap them into the new lights (they...
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