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    New to Mud, New 80 (to me)

    Nice. Welcome aboard.
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    can engine start w/o p/s installed

    Congratulations! I guess I know what my next step will be. bootfoot
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    can engine start w/o p/s installed

    Paying for new and getting reconditioned is complete crap. Both of mine were new AFAIK - had the green dot and were sold as new by the dealer. Maybe the pristine gear will be the answer. bootfoot
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    can engine start w/o p/s installed

    How'd you determine that the last pump was reconditioned? bootfoot
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    can engine start w/o p/s installed

    Please continue with the saga. I'm having the exact same problem. Two psp's, knocking in each. Both were new Toyota parts, installed by dealer. I've gotta do the proper system bleeding technique this weekend. My thought process has been just like yours as to eliminating possible causes, but...
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    Little white FZJ80 front seat plugs/caps

    Just got mine and installed it. Passenger seat is mobile once again. Feelin' groovy now, bootfoot
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    LC mechanic in Norman/OKC

    Hey, I'm looking for a dependable LC mechanic in the Norman area. I have a 1996 FZJ 80 (about to hit 194,000 miles) that needs some attention. Thanks, bootfoot
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    Power Steering Pump and Hose Replacement - FAQ

    Thanks for posting this, especially the pics w/ part nos. Had my PSP replaced at Thanksgiving. Only 2 parts are on the invoice: 44320-60182, described as PUMP ASSY, VANE L, and an unspecified amount of PS fluid. Nothing for O-rings or gaskets. Could there be more than one version of that...
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    Newbie in Waco

    Thanks for the info, guys. bootfoot
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    whining engine noise (1FZ-FE DOHC Engine

    Ditto on the Beowulf thanks. I've got a tick/knock that started after a psp replacement. Had a whining, too, but that turned out to be a pulley (seems to be just to provide tension?) and can be easily replaced. I missed this thread when looking for psp knock issues. bootfoot
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    Broken Seat/Missing Cap Issue

    I'd take 2.
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    Newbie in Waco

    New guy here. I'm looking for a good Cruiser mechanic in the Waco area. I think I may need my front axle seals replaced, and my usual mechanic didn't want to tackle it. I have a 1996 80, with about 193,500 miles on it. I'd also appreciate it if any of you knowledgeable Cruiserheads in the...
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