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  1. Dan Fredrickson


    I am not going to have a good answer until after SEMA in 2 weeks...
  2. Dan Fredrickson

    Ruffstuff dif guard placement

    I think we got the way to build Diff protection figured out a few years back... The key here is to spread out the force over a greater area...
  3. Dan Fredrickson

    Ruffstuff dif guard placement

    It can take time but the sales guys answering the phone aren't updated on new products until they are tested and ready for sale. It would be more known about but none of our present sales guys have 40's, Steven and Dave who both have 40's have been promoted (Dave is the COO & Steven is the...
  4. Dan Fredrickson

    Ruffstuff dif guard placement

    I like both of your ideas and I spoke to Sam our engineer about them today. He is going to design the same but specifically for a 40 9.5" housing. He is also going to design one very simu;ar to our FJ40 Diferential Cover that would weld on.
  5. Dan Fredrickson

    Ruffstuff dif guard placement

    These were designed for the Toyota 8", with some massaging they do fit the 9.5" but if you all think there would be demand for a 9.5" model we will make one. BTW, Peteinjp, we would gladly take them back or swap them for a new model but that would be about 3 weeks...
  6. Dan Fredrickson

    Outboard spring hangers

    Here you go, this is an 80 width axle on my 45...
  7. Dan Fredrickson

    Can a semi floater be converted to a FF axle?

    Thats fine... But at what price. SOR has always been known to bring in interesting items but the price has never been bargain basement...
  8. Dan Fredrickson

    Can a semi floater be converted to a FF axle?

    I personally would never tow with an 89" WB. You would increase capacity but my goal would simply be strength and inexpensive disc brakes.
  9. Dan Fredrickson

    Can a semi floater be converted to a FF axle?

    A couple of comments I should make since I make these flanges... 1st off, someone quoted $1400ish for converting to everything new and compared it to buying a used FF setup? How is that a fair comparison? Also, where is your parts source for an axle never sold in the US? This is simply a bad...
  10. Dan Fredrickson

    Noob with an FJ40 and a plan

    You do alot of duck hunting? Do they shoot back in Iowa?
  11. Dan Fredrickson

    Pictures - my new FJ40 - 1982

    Shiny! Looks great...
  12. Dan Fredrickson

    What did I do

    I would go C4... It is much smaller than either of the others and plenty strong. But think driveline length...
  13. Dan Fredrickson

    The "NEW" 76 FJ40

    Stick with the Buick.... Til it dies, damned nice little motor and 1/2 the weight....
  14. Dan Fredrickson

    ?'s on rear axle swap

    Make it easy on yourself.... Ford 9"
  15. Dan Fredrickson

    Looking for opinions

    Go with the Metal Tech fenders..... They are higher than stock, I believe it is 2 1/2" higher......You could also cut and paste in another 2" - 4" to their length to make up for the additional WB......Just some random thoughts.
  16. Dan Fredrickson

    Ruffstuff DIY Beadlocks got em

    The anti coning rings....... are Not a joke if your tire bead is thicker than 3/4".......if it is thinner it is not needed, the diameter means nothing in the case of the rings, just the bead thickness......
  17. Dan Fredrickson

    Northern California Shop for Power Steering and Disc Brakes.

    You can also check with Georg in Stockton..... Valley Hybreds.....Good old Orange Georg!
  18. Dan Fredrickson

    Ruffstuff DIY Beadlocks got em

    I like the Red & Black.... I am m ore of a Bumble Bee type though.....Yellow & Black.....
  19. Dan Fredrickson

    71 FJ40 Build

    Looking good Andrew..... More.....Please
  20. Dan Fredrickson

    trans mounts SBC

    Very nice skidplate..... Always good to see your work.
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