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  1. vkasm1

    need some help with ECU? EFI relay? intermittent starting issues

    That relay seems to control the lamp. I would think if your alternator does fail while driving you won't get a lamp illuminat on cluster. I would check the 2 fuses ignition and charge and possibly another relay to see if you get the lamp on.
  2. vkasm1

    need some help with ECU? EFI relay? intermittent starting issues

    Had a similar problem with my 94. Bad connection at efi relay or efi fuse. Two things I would check at the engine fuse box that holds the relay. Make sure the spade connectors are tight. The female connector that the relay connects to. In the same fuse Box there should be a fuse that feeds the...
  3. vkasm1

    Real time help front brake caliper bolt size???

    Just got back from a trail. Lost the front driver had to remove one from the transmission to engine to get home. I little longer just added some washers
  4. vkasm1

    Starts.. Revs Smooth to 1200.. Dies

    My guess would be mass airflow/ vacuume leak.
  5. vkasm1

    stock front bumper trimmed w/pics?

    Some triming from mine.
  6. vkasm1


    #55 1994 locked
  7. vkasm1

    My rear tube Bumper Build

    Already have run the miller jeep and sorounding trails twice also ran some trails up at frazier park and some by lake hughs. The rear corners have hit once on a rock that also hit the sliders. The carrier and tire has some movement ( I can see the tire vibrating through my rear view mirror)...
  8. vkasm1

    My rear tube Bumper Build

    update I still have to build the fuel can storage and that is a buick Grand national in the background
  9. vkasm1

    My rear tube Bumper Build

    I work at an automotive shop and they have an exhaust pipe bender and thats what i have mostly been using. I also have a HF bender at home that I havent used.
  10. vkasm1

    My rear tube Bumper Build

    Yes i will be adding some small side hoops and a swing out. I will also ad some more reinforcment to the side from main tube to the frame. Thanks spdwaver1 for the photoshop they look great but I think i still like mine better.:p More picture when I get more progress done.
  11. vkasm1

    My rear tube Bumper Build

    I know I need longer rear shocks the side tube clearance Im still debating on side hoops and a sswing out Let me know what you think .
  12. vkasm1

    ebay, malaysian snorkel

    just arrived ordered on april 20
  13. vkasm1

    ebay, malaysian snorkel

    It was 219 total. He warned me since he was in malasia that the snorkel was going to take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive and asked if i still wanted to purchase it. So ill keep you posted when it arrives. vic
  14. vkasm1

    ebay, malaysian snorkel

    I purchased one about a week ago and it will take about another 3 weeks go get here. I emailed the seller and he said that they were not the cheap fiberglass one. I checked his ebay history and it seems he has sold a couple to the us and the customers were happy. So i will wait and see. also...
  15. vkasm1

    OEM suspension question

    stock springs are to soft go after market do a search and you will find diffrent brands from stock height and up
  16. vkasm1

    started on my rear tube bumper

    looking good :)
  17. vkasm1

    80 elocker install

    it runs along the harness and is capped off does not conect to anything.
  18. vkasm1

    Official 80 Wreck / Junked Photo Thread

    I have seen about 8 in the last 2 months. All cash 4 clunkers 1 with lockers.These pictures are from 2 days ago. there is also a couple of 60 and 62
  19. vkasm1

    Aargh, my rear diff needs rebuilding.

    I really havent heard anything bad about hoopers but you can also give ram jet a call and get a quote. The shop i work for uses them and havent had any problems.They are also in sun valley. Ram Jet 8783 San Fernando Rd Sun Valley, CA 91352 (818) 768-3824
  20. vkasm1

    New 80 owner here

    nice rig on the turbo whine check your belts. If they are cogged then thats were your noice is comming from. Get them from toyota no aftermarket.
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