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  1. EL_3grab

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    I miss my FJ100 :( Great pictures صالح, keep them coming ;)
  2. EL_3grab

    100 series Bob

    Tuff Trucks 09 :D
  3. EL_3grab

    Front and Rear bumpers in UAE

    and I was talking about USA (aka Christo's work) ;)
  4. EL_3grab

    Front and Rear bumpers in UAE

    I know what you're saying, until I found this shop :D
  5. EL_3grab

    Front and Rear bumpers in UAE

    Guys, that will cost you exactly $965 And you can customize anything you want within that range ;) ICON Auto, the best fabrication shop in UAE
  6. EL_3grab

    Lost with the 100 specs in the UAE

    Because we only sell it when it start falling apart :D Before you purchase, you must know all the issues and what to look for
  7. EL_3grab

    Lost with the 100 specs in the UAE

    6I or V8, your preference 2003+ V8 come with a nicer 5-speed auto trany All have dual tanks You can mount a 16" on any model Hard to find one with rear locker Hard to find a LC in good condition ;) Trim level G, GX, GX-R 4.5L I6, Auto or Manual VX-R 4.7L V8, Auto...
  8. EL_3grab

    Land Cruiser 4500EFI 71

    A7laa Rb3 ;) how much did you paid for it ?
  9. EL_3grab

    Featured 100 - SALEH

    Where did the LTR go ? :D
  10. EL_3grab

    "PROJECT ROOBY" 80 all rounder build

    Bump for a great thread ;)
  11. EL_3grab

    5 speed uzj100 with a V8

    yes :)
  12. EL_3grab

    Carl's new front Upper Control Arms review

    How much down travel dose it really gain? (Aside from shock length limitation) Would be there any advantages to run some spacers for the upper shock mount and bump stop, to gain (Down travel, more lift...) from this arm?
  13. EL_3grab


    We don't get the 5.7L on the LC only on Lexus 4.0L, 4.7L and 4.5 D-4D are available in the Middle East :)
  14. EL_3grab

    New ZEAL 200 series catalog is out

    ZEAL ƒ‰ƒ“ƒNƒ‹@‚Q‚O‚O | 4WDƒp[ƒc‚ÌŽæ•t‚¯E”Ì”„‚ÍA‘åã ¼Œ´‚̃vƒƒXƒ^ƒbƒt
  15. EL_3grab

    Roof rack lights

    Halla 7alleh Is there a picture form a distance? Thank you
  16. EL_3grab

    roll bars on 100

    Main Page Dubai : AL MURGB GEN. TRD. Tel : 971-4-2857311/2857279/2855313 Fax : 971-4-2850032 Email :
  17. EL_3grab

    Need a part number on a VX-R badge

    ? RINEI ?
  18. EL_3grab

    Need a part number on a VX-R badge

    PNC# 75442A Part Number: 75473-60080- (VX-R emb. in Silver) 75473-60060- (VX-R emb. in Gold) :)
  19. EL_3grab

    Builds V8 Swap Project Begins!

    Bump for a great thread :D
  20. EL_3grab

    Grill from a 70

    Welcome to 10x40 sheet would cover it ;)
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