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  1. oldcruiser

    New TOY

    Well, after searching for some time, I've just acquired a 1985 truck. :clap: Last of the solid axles. One of the guys from Landers "had a friend" - but it's really going to need some work. Frame and runnning gear look decent, needs an engine rebuild. Drove it off the trailer, but she's a...
  2. oldcruiser

    Two steps forward, one step back

    you might check with Bobby at The Cruiser Company in Little Rock AR. He has redone several haresses, mine included (5/78). If he doesn't have one, he'll most likely know a source.
  3. oldcruiser

    THANKS! 2008 Ramble

    Just wanted to day a big Thank You to all those who participated in this year's event. It was hot & humid, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the crowd. We ended up with about 60 rigs, from 11 states, and 100+ participants. Which is awesome! No major damage, no major injuries, and hopefully...
  4. oldcruiser

    87 fj60 forsale

    Since you are in H.S. you might try getting it out to Super Lift park this Friday or Saturday for our event. You'd have a captive audience of 50-60 Land Cruiser owners and I'd bet you could at least get some offers.
  5. oldcruiser

    Ramble Registrations!!

    Thanks Gary. You can always register at the event. We'll be there bright and early on Friday for registration. We'll be there after noon on Thursday if anyone shows up early. Weather looks like it's going to cooperate, should be a great time. :clap: Tim White Prez, RLC
  6. oldcruiser

    About Eric Hagan-Please Read

    Eric, Don't know you, never met you, but if you own a Land Cruiser we share a common bond. I just want you to know that I am praying for your speedy recovery. Hang in there, rest up and get well. Tim White Prez, Razorback Land Cruisers
  7. oldcruiser

    Razorback Ramble ?

    Cool. Got it on my calendar. I've got business in B'ham, so we'll write this off...See you in a few weeks.
  8. oldcruiser

    New to Forum

    Rick, Come on down to Hot Springs, June 6-7 and see what it's all about. We have all kinds of vehicles from several states. You can find the park at Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park at Hot Springs, Arkansas · We have several members from LR and are always looking for more -...
  9. oldcruiser

    Razorback Ramble ?

    Hey Cottonland brethren, Thanks for all your support of our event in the past! We have 50 trucks registered so far, so plenty of room for more. Raffle is shaping up pretty good, got one of those new Warn winch/air compressors as the grand prize, plus another winch, and some other goodies...
  10. oldcruiser

    Razorback Ramble??

    Gary is right, we've been sending info out through our members forum. Right now we have 50 vehicles entered. The trail team is scheduled to be there and is cooking breakfast on Saturday. The raflle is looking pretty good with a new Warn winch with air compressor as the big kahuna prize so...
  11. oldcruiser

    Razorback Ramble??

    I just sent you an email.
  12. oldcruiser

    Is there a trick to this? Birfield install

    Ahhhhhh -- a wiggle, a shove and a turn of the shaft and bam! slide right in. Better than sex -- almost. Thank you, Thank you to all for the assistance. Now for the drivers side....:clap:
  13. oldcruiser

    Top Door Hinge - trick to remove ?

    Just took my doors off, but I just knock out the pin. One trick I learned was on the top hinge, put the pin in from the bottom. I never take the hinge off the door. It's a little tough to knock it out from the bottom, might scrap a little paint on the windshielf frame.
  14. oldcruiser

    Is there a trick to this? Birfield install

    OK, thanks to the help on IH8mud, I've got my 78 knuckles rebuilt, complete with new studs/washers/cones. Preload is set at 10lbs, and the felt/rubber/metal rings are in place. Now I'm trying to get the right side axle shaft in and it won't go all the way. I've gotten past the flat spot on...
  15. oldcruiser

    searching for 11mm knuckle studs

    Probably eight at the most. I've only gotten one side off and I suspect that the other side might be in same shape. The top side is the worst, thanks to the previous owner. I don't think they've been taken off in 30 years. The cone washers were stuck badly. Even after soaking in pb blaster...
  16. oldcruiser

    searching for 11mm knuckle studs

    I've looked through the FAQ's and archives and all I seem to find is larger 12mm studs. I've got a 78 '40 and want to replace the 8 upper studs and cone washers. The PO cranked them down over 100 ft lbs and they're toast. Marlin and others show the larger ones - where do you find the 11mm's...
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