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  1. lispeej

    Drive plate question. Pictures included.

    Mine are like the ones on the right.
  2. lispeej

    Drive plate question. Pictures included.

    I had a 92 and a 97 landcruiser. I don't recall which of them that these drive plates came off of. I believe these are off of my 97. Can someone else chime in? Thanks.
  3. lispeej

    1996 cruiser Flare question.

    Does anyone know if the fender flares off of a 1996 cruiser will fit my 1997 cruiser collectors edition? Beno....where u at?
  4. lispeej

    1997 Landcruiser engine rebuild question and ideas.

    I'm curious if you still have your parts list including part numbers in a pdf or word format?
  5. lispeej

    1997 Landcruiser engine rebuild question and ideas.

    I buy cars with slightly higher miles because it brings the asking price down a bit. I bought the cruiser with 177k miles. It has been good to me. I do commute to work, and drive all over the bordering states for weekend getaways and my fishing/hunting trips. We also try to drive everywhere...
  6. lispeej

    1997 Landcruiser engine rebuild question and ideas.

    Ok. So I've been contemplating if I should rebuild my motor or not. It has 272k miles now and I'm having to add a quart of oil every 500 miles or so. I also notice having to add coolant reservoir tank every now and then. I don't really mind topping of on fluids but hesitant to drive far and...
  7. lispeej

    Bet you didn't know you owned an RV, eh?

    When I go hunting by myself, I always prefer sleeping in the back of the cruiser versus a tent. You're always away from the extremities and bugs. It makes it for a good and quiet nights rest. I usually just use a small futon mattress.
  8. lispeej

    how many miles do you have on your 80

    1997 with 262,000 miles
  9. lispeej

    Mobil coupon oil

    got it. thanks for the heads up.
  10. lispeej

    P0401 Defeated - with pics

    Do you guys know if the passage hole pipe running from top to the bottom of the intake manifold if it is one piece or two separate pieces? If it's one long pipe, can't I access from the bottom of the manifold and push it back up? Why such a design? My guess is temp related?
  11. lispeej

    P0401 Defeated - with pics

    I have tried to clean the passage hole on the upper intake with a finishing nail as some other posts have recommended, but only made it worse. Now the metal tube is pushed in....flushed with the manifold. My question is that if I remove the upper intake manifold, can I have access to pulling...
  12. lispeej

    PO401 and EGR/air intake manifold with pictures

    Thanks for the write up. I will be attempting this job during the summer as well. This will definitely help.
  13. lispeej

    Measuring birf grease level?

    I know of how to measure the birf/knuckle house grease level thru the top of the knuckle housing, but my question is: How do you guys go about knowing what you have in there is enough or not?
  14. lispeej

    What do you think of my car.

    nice cruiser! unleaded or diesel?
  15. lispeej

    1997 landcruiser grab handle question

    I havent looked yet, but would assume so.
  16. lispeej

    1997 landcruiser grab handle question

    Lol. THat's awesome. Please post pic when done. thanks.
  17. lispeej

    1997 landcruiser grab handle question

    great idea.
  18. lispeej

    1997 landcruiser grab handle question

    Does any of the other grab handles fit in the empty slot above the drivers side front door? I want to put one there, but wanted to see if anyone has done this yet?..... Thanks.
  19. lispeej

    Front Axle help

    you prob already know this, but I'd recommend taking the rig to the self carwash and power wash the knuckles and everything around it. it makes the job a lot easier to clean.
  20. lispeej

    Would you trust this?

    hey man. just glad to hear your cruiser is ok.
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