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  1. bigstarr

    King of the Hammers Volunteer Interest

    King of the Hammers volunteer signups opened on 11/14. One can sign up individually or as a group. The event schedule can be found here. It's a great time- you see spectators do really stupid things, hear Dave cursing over the radio, and, best of all, see some incredible machines do crazy things...
  2. bigstarr

    Arizona Traverse Ideas

    Hey all- in an effort procrastinate responsibilities as much as possible...I took the opportunity to modify the Northern Arizona Traverse a little. I was looking for something to explore the environmentally diverse state we live in- with the route taking off from the east valley. As I was...
  3. bigstarr

    Windows 10 upgrade should you?

    Windows 10 seems good and stable, but Microsoft does a good job watching/using your usage within the OS (phone numbers, GPS location, credit card numbers, messages, browsing, etc.) in order to cater better to you. Some of this can be disabled, but even still, some people are turned off by all...
  4. bigstarr

    Roofer needed

    My bro in-law owns a roofing company. PM'd his contact info.
  5. bigstarr

    SOLD 1997 FZJ80 Parts - Free

    Thanks a ton!
  6. bigstarr

    SOLD 1997 FZJ80 Parts - Free

    Nice. Sad to see it all go- but supper happy its not going to the dump.
  7. bigstarr

    SOLD 1997 FZJ80 Parts - Free

    A few years back I parted my rolled 80 series, with the plan to sell each part to fund the cruiser addiction (engine, lift kit, and a few "big" items are gone)- then suddenly I had to move out of state, and everything has been cluttering my parents garage since then. Any way- they want it all...
  8. bigstarr

    RT Help Console Swap Question LX450 to LC

    I'd take that image down- we can see everything needed to use it for a purchase! Hey look- new sliders!! :cheers:
  9. bigstarr

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    A family member of mine is looking for a local fzj80 to purchase before years end. Anywhere from some work to a clean machine. Anyone have anything hanging around?
  10. bigstarr

    Group Buy - yodaTEQ Front Mirror Mount Brackets

    I want a set- email sent
  11. bigstarr

    What battery should I choose?

    Correct- I did not get the 27F. Get a little impatient with special orders...:idea: Wish I talked to you a few months ago. Still, totally happy with the x2power battery.
  12. bigstarr

    What battery should I choose?

    I've had it for a little over two months, not very long. So far its been pretty uneventful...which is a good thing. The pos/negative posts are reversed, but the stock battery cables are long enough, so that didn't worry me. Hardest part (and it wasn't difficult) was finding a new spot for the...
  13. bigstarr

    What battery should I choose?

    Also- here's a nice thread on batteries:
  14. bigstarr

    What battery should I choose?

    I read somewhere on MUD that the DHP 31m needed a little trimming of the side fins in order to fit in the stock 80 battery tray. My local Sears assured me this would void the i looked past the 31m and snagged the batteriesplus X2Power group 27 battery. I live near Phoenix AZ...
  15. bigstarr

    Another awesome yodaTEQ creation - 80 series ditch light brackets!

    I am in for a set.
  16. bigstarr

    Hole in the rock trail

    Absolutely love this trail. Very jealous- wishin I was there.
  17. bigstarr

    CSC March Meeting Agenda 3.21.2014

    Very interested in the HAM class. I wont be able to make it to the meet though, will the information in Paul's handout be posted to the forum?
  18. bigstarr

    Wanted 1996-7 FZJ80 (LX450) Engine

    My bro-inlaw's LX450 just lost its engine. They are in Utah and looking for a bolt-in ready to go replacement (its their family daily driver). let me know if you have anything. They may be willing to drive to surrounding states to pick up (Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona...
  19. bigstarr

    Parting out 97 80 series

    I have a buddy looking for an engine. I think i'm #2 in line asking about it. Thanks!
  20. bigstarr

    New CSC Member bigstarr

    Off of I70 in the Sierras, just after picking it up. Needed a quick poser shot to send home...
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