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    Fixing crack on lower radiator tank?

    Stuff to fix I have never used that brand of stuff, but fixed my sisters rad, with the same issue. It was a 2-part epoxy mix. Had to sand the area real good, also had to have the radiator out. To be cleaned and dry first....Good luck. The stuff I used was like 5-6 bucks at auto parts place.
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    1991 3fe intake hose

    Ditto.......I used White HVAC Duck Tape.....It's fine.
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    80 series Front brake calipers. What tools are folks using?

    uggg Take cap of master cylinder.....Then I used a screw driver to pry the pads open before I take them out.....slide in new pads. Done. When you take cap off wrap a rag around the master cylinder to soak up any brake fluid that runs out when you compress the pistons.
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    Grease gun stuck on the zerk

    Another one. Try another grease gun, check where that one you used was made....."China" may be the problem....:crybaby: Make sure you have some good tools, don't stress too much.....:D
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    Grease gun stuck on the zerk

    Picture? Try to pry off gently? Pictures?:D
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    Paint Job

    Lower it! Might as well lower it.....:D
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    Help! LC jerks/jolts and rpms drop slightly for sec

    Intake Hose... Check your intake hose from air cleaner to manifold.....Mine had a crack and had a bad vacuum leak there....:crybaby: It was slit in the "Ribbed" area.
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    3rd gen 4run or 80, witch is more reliable?

    Do you want a solid Axel? Get the 80. Do you drive a lot? Get the Runner.
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    Is the FZJ80 too old?

    ??? Do you like to do PM's? Do your own work or have lots of cash. Not the best gas MPG!!! It's all Love.
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    Is an 80 series project worth persuing?

    Year.... People are going to want more info.......:cool: But yea go for it.
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    Opinions on my wheel options.

    3 R's Remove, Renew, Re-install.....:cool: Clean............
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    Wild Wheeling Pics

    ??? Winching is way different than yanking.....:) This picture looks like he is just helping a little, you would not want to yank a winch cable either....Jeep guy dose not have a good bumper either.:cool: It was a good video to show, what dumb people do.
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    what does "reability" really mean....

    Well.... Well a lot of people get these truck's(Me) that need a little work(Bad Axel seal), or don't know the history. And might be a little cautious to go cross country. Like right now I know I need to do my u-joint's, so I don't go to far(300 mile round trip) They are fine, just on my To-Do...
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    Stainless Steel Snorkel

    ???? Your like "What Snorkel"
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    Stainless Snorkel

    ????? Can't wait to see it........
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    Safe to Pull a 62 Series with My 80?

    Tow Dolly? I towed a Mitsuhubishi Montero behind my 72 Scout for about 100+ miles but used a tow dolly, rear wheels on the shaft disconnected. Corvallis to St. Helens Oregon. I thought the trailer would be to heavy.
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    Newbie needs help

    New York I had a 2002 Ford Escape from New York......Rust bucket on the underside. My 92 has zero rust and its a Oregon Truck.
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    Spline drive lug nuts

    Yep. The PO put some on my truck, they work fine. I keep the socket in my travel tool kit, which never leaves the truck. If they want the wheels they have to take the whole Which I'm sure happens.....:crybaby: I have the Gorilla's, but no washers on mine......?
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    Attempted Car Jacking..... Gunna need some parts....

    ouch... My wife always locks the door's when we are driving, sometimes I tease her. But dang in these times, people are doing some stupid stuff. I will start locking now. Are cruiser are pretty sexy....:) Glad nobody was hurt.
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    New Rear Bumper

    The Bumper looks nice.........But it also looks cold and crisp outside....brrrr.
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