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    scout power steering box and linkage

    PM sent
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    Misc. FJ55 Parts For Sale

    Pm sent
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    Rear bumper extension needed...........

    Butch, PM Sent
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    74 Factory air - 55 - socal

    Second in line for the tailgate. Pics would be nice. I do not need any of the "guts". Danno6113 at comcast dot net. Thanks
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    a bumper for a bumper?

    PM Sent.
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    a bumper for a bumper?

    PM sent.
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    NEW DOOR window regulator channel rubber

    Please count me in for a set.
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    pig slaughter

    PM Sent. Thanks
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    Tons of Pig parts for sale!!

    Could you add the rear reflectors to my wish list. If not spoken for.
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    Tons of Pig parts for sale!!

    PM sent
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    Parting 73 FJ55 whats left in S Jersey

    PM sent
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    1974 fj55 parting out

    Email has been sent. Thanks
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    FJ55 parts in Portland Oregon

    PM sent. Thanks
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    76 FJ55 Parting out. All goes minus running gear...

    PM sent.
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    $5 garage sale

    Got my stuff. Thanks again for everthing. :bounce:
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    $5 garage sale

    I would like a set of OPEN louvers for the front. I can't tell if you have both sides. Let me know. Also the Toyota emblem for the side. Danno
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    early pig grille with marker lights-$150

    PM sent
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    Parting Out 1976 FJ55

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    Parting out 76 FJ55 in PA

    PM Sent
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    Pig Parts - Interior stuff (mats, panels, etc), door hardware

    Got the mats today. Thanks again for everything. They are really nice. Danno
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