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  1. matt 105

    1HD-FTE Pump Leaks.

    Yes. My Timing Position Sensor leaked out of the connector. The updated Denso part was about $350AU
  2. matt 105

    100 series 1hz air filter upgrade question

    The factory turbo 1HDFTE/petrol filter is about 25mm larger diameter, and is about the same price genuine. Fits the same airbox. Do I really need to get the part number?
  3. matt 105

    Tools for Land Cruiser 105 in Africa

    A set of torx bits. Flag tip lock ring plyers
  4. matt 105

    1HD-T power steering pump

    Just change the o ring (or seal it with UltraBlue) if its the suction pipe leaking. Rebuild it when your P.Steer fluid turns black. Matt
  5. matt 105

    1hdt manual glow

    It was only $75 for a 2nd hand glow controller for a HZJ105, so I just bought 1 and that was the end of it. All it does is glow for 30 seconds from when you turn the key on, unless your oil cooler temp is warm. It also glows while you crank(regardless of oil temp), and controls the glow light...
  6. matt 105

    Oil feed 1HZ for turbo

    Sticks and stones........ :popcorn:
  7. matt 105

    Oil feed 1HZ for turbo

    Because YOU are the AA repairman:rolleyes:
  8. matt 105

    Oil feed 1HZ for turbo

    Are you sure this is a job for you?
  9. matt 105

    Oil feed 1HZ for turbo

    You shouldnt use that green sender for oil pressure supply.
  10. matt 105

    1HZ head bolts

    Havnt you ever re-used a head gasket before?
  11. matt 105

    1HZ head bolts

    Explain this please.
  12. matt 105

    A few BEB questions

    Agree, but consider Ultra-blue or similar - for $7, from any where. Squeeze it on, then fit it up. Matt
  13. matt 105

    1HZ head bolts

    Thats a tough one Mick.... If the washers are not neccissary to stop the bolts bottoming out, and seeing as they are angle torqued, and no bigger than the head of the bolt, then friction is not so much of an issue, I think you have 2 options. On the one hand, you could change the bolts out 1...
  14. matt 105

    HDJ81 oil filter question

    According to Caterpillar, Donalson, Cummins and Fleetguard - duel eliment filters are not the latest and greatest. - or more equiptment manufacturers would use them. I ask every time I do a course. They are an old tech idea - having half the filter with infereor filter medium. What would you...
  15. matt 105

    Fuel consumption

    Borrow his car and check his fuel consumption. Matt
  16. matt 105

    1HZ engine noise, harmonic balancer, delamination

    Sure your going the right direction? Ive never had a problem (getting the ballancer of a cruiser)and always use the starter method. On some other engines, I haver used an old bearing shell in the flywheel teeth. Matt
  17. matt 105

    1HZ NA - Low oil pressure ?

    Earth the sender wire out and see what happens.
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