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  1. t140frank

    For Sale Heeellllpppppp on pricing

    Other than the repaint (which looks good, notice they even replaced the rubber bumpers for the hood and tapped of the data plate on drivers door) The exhaust still has the heat shields, the bottom side is clean, the engine compartment is clean, notice the brand new Toyota radiator cap, the oil...
  2. t140frank

    Cast bronze headlight bezels

    This will be epic.
  3. t140frank

    Will this bull bar bolt up to a 60 bumper ?

    Mine came with an old Warn brush guard and a winch that looks like the one in the photo. It bolted into the factory holes, zero modifications. When I removed it I just went back with the chrome bumper bolts. Mines a 60.
  4. t140frank


    Yeah, I used to always write LOT on the welds that failed and needed repair. The welders would always ask if I meant lack of fusion or something. I would simply respond it means LACK OF TALENT. :rofl::rofl: Pissed off my fair share of Pre Madonna welders, it never got old.
  5. t140frank


    Yep, that weld if truly showing your Pipe Liner background. It almost looks like a Lace Cap on a stainless TIG weld. I was always sure you'll guys did that to throw us inspection guys off, makes reading RT film a real pain in the #$@. Side note your billet aluminum air vents on my 60 are...
  6. t140frank

    High Beam Indicator Not Working After Koito Install - LED Still The Fix?

    Seth, I never measured the voltage drop, but I couldn't visually notice a difference. My wiring is in pretty good shape, nice clean grounds and that contact goo stuff on all the terminals I've messed with so far.
  7. t140frank

    High Beam Indicator Not Working After Koito Install - LED Still The Fix?

    Yikes, I just installed those exact bulbs. But I'm using the Koito harness now so I should be ok.
  8. t140frank

    High Beam Indicator Not Working After Koito Install - LED Still The Fix?

    I ran the headlights on the original factory harness for a few months before swapping in the new harness. Lots of night driving ETC, for what its worth the original harness never heated up and I actually didn't notice a difference in the brightness when I used the Koito harness.
  9. t140frank

    May I introduce my 1984 FJ60

    Yours if you want it. Just PM me
  10. t140frank

    May I introduce my 1984 FJ60

    No problem. It's been rolling the truck for a the last week or two and the dog has been eyeing it pretty hard these last few days. Guess I better toss it into the spare parts box before its a Toyota branded chew toy. :rolleyes:
  11. t140frank

    May I introduce my 1984 FJ60

    You'll love the 5 speed did my 87 FJ60 a few months back, along with transfer case rebuild, fly wheel resurface, new clutch and new rear main seal. The rear main was not leaking with 375k on the clock was amazed. If you need a 5 speed shifter knob a I have the I bought when I did my swap, I...
  12. t140frank

    High Beam Indicator Not Working After Koito Install - LED Still The Fix?

    I'm talking about the actually the headlight terminals themselves, they have three prongs. HI Beam, Low Beam, and a common ground. I think the issue is the HI Beam plug terminal that's on the unused factory harness plug is not going to ground and leaving an open circuit and that's why the HI...
  13. t140frank

    High Beam Indicator Not Working After Koito Install - LED Still The Fix?

    Mine is plugged into the passenger side. I think the we could probably run a jumper from the unused factory plug high beam slot to the high beam slot on the Koito harness and close the circuit.
  14. t140frank

    High Beam Indicator Not Working After Koito Install - LED Still The Fix?

    Same thing here, I swapped in the Koito H4 Toyota upgrade. I originally just changed the lights out and ran it off the original wiring harness for a few months, when ran like this the HI beam indicator worked fine. Finally got around to installing the supplied wiring harness, and now the HI...
  15. t140frank

    Rearview mirror

    The 60 series mirrors are still available through Toyota, just bought one a few months ago through Toyota parts deal. Think it was about 40 bucks. Just FYI
  16. t140frank

    SOLD 4Runner TRD Pro Wheels & Tires (Oklahoma City, OK) $750

    That's my favorite wheel by far, want to throw a set on my FJ60. Any chance you'll be around the Houston area, or somewhat closer in the near future?
  17. t140frank

    Oil in my intake?

    Over all the plugs look great for 15k on them. Just normal wear. Nothing really stands out to me other than that cylinder 5 and 6 are running a bit leaner than the other 4 cylinders. That's pretty normal in my experience with my 2F engine and my old Ford 200 inline 6. Due to the design of...
  18. t140frank

    Overheating after head gasket replacement

    That's Awesome man, glad it was as simple as air in the system. I've heard a lot of people getting good results out of the Fel-pro gaskets. I agree the Toyota gasket is the best however Fel-pro makes a quality product. BTW I'm Jealous of that photo, living on the gulf coast my closest...
  19. t140frank

    Barn Find 74

    Years ago I bought a early bronco that had not ran or been registered on over 7 years. I went to one of those lost vehicle title company's they attempted to contact the last registered owner. The owner never responded, they then ran a DMV search to make sure it was not stolen. Then they had a...
  20. t140frank

    84 fj60 manifold woes

    Like cps432 said mark the orientation of the dizzy pointer onto the block when your on TDC, I used a little straight edge to do mine centered across the pointer then made the mark. A lot of people over think changing out the distributor and make it seem harder then it is. I was sure when I got...
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