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  1. Blackcat37

    SOLD 1964 FJ45L

    Beautiful 45! Sold quick
  2. Blackcat37

    Wanted Camino, Ca. FJ25 steering wheel

    ok it was worth a shot
  3. Blackcat37

    Wanted Camino, Ca. FJ25 steering wheel

    John I don't know the difference in the early ones but I have two that match my 64. Would that be the same style?
  4. Blackcat37

    Nellie 1965 Fj40 FST

    It been a slow process but still going in the right direction. My youngest boy got to have his Birthday party at Valley Hybrids. He loves his landcruiser. This 40 will be his and his brothers when they start driving. Slow and his friends won’t try to borrow it with the three in the tree.
  5. Blackcat37

    Nellie 1965 Fj40 FST

    Old versus new
  6. Blackcat37

    Nellie 1965 Fj40 FST

    Time for an update. Life is getting crazy with 3 little ones. We finished football season and went straight in to wrestling season. I was able to get all my powder coating interior parts back and put most of the interior back together. I got all new seat covers from cruiser corps and put them on...
  7. Blackcat37

    76 Mustard yellow FJ40 in Northern Cal

    Sweet nice score on the mustard top. I am in Lincoln and looked for a matching mustard top for my 40 for a while but then gave up. Come up to your local Landcruiser group in Auburn sometime. It's called Totally Awesome Cruisers on Facebook.
  8. Blackcat37

    FJ25 T-Bird Hood Emblems

    I I sent you a message I am looking for one.
  9. Blackcat37

    SOLD FOUND. 1965 FJ40/45 Turn Signal stalk / lever ** see pictures

    The three speed shifter was chrome on the 65 but I don't think the signal indicator was chrome. I have a 65 FST I am restoring plus a 63 FST. Both are similar but not chrome
  10. Blackcat37

    SOLD Small TEQ Tool Box with vintage Toyota tools

    Wow pretty cool
  11. Blackcat37

    FJ25 Soft Doors on facebook

    Shoot no they didn’t now I probably can’t use them lol
  12. Blackcat37

    FJ25 Soft Doors on facebook

    They turned out to be nice doors except for the large bullet hole on the one. Zero rust on them. He did sell them but he really wanted them to go with the 74 he was selling.
  13. Blackcat37

    Builds Montana 65 FJ45LV "Tin Zen"

    Crazy I didn't realize that seat was original. My cousin bought this LV and i got the seats. I love the diamond on it and want to restore the seat.
  14. Blackcat37

    SOLD 77-80 fj40 Dune Beige Tire Carrier

    Very nice spare tire carrier out of Sunny California. Only issue is latch is a little bent but could be straightened easily. Located in Sacramento but could ship $450
  15. Blackcat37

    For Sale 40 series pick up - new oem pick up roof weatherstripping # 63313-90303

    If you have a second one I will take it.
  16. Blackcat37

    Wanted 25/Early 40 FST Type B Bows and Doors

    I will keep working on getting mine bent up then. I will try to make several copies. As for h55f 40 top covers those are hard to find. I am saving mine for a few special projects.
  17. Blackcat37

    Wanted 25/Early 40 FST Type B Bows and Doors

    Those those look amazing. I would like to bend some up like this but finding a shop to bend it hasn’t been easy.
  18. Blackcat37

    Nellie 1965 Fj40 FST

    Thanks I got a original but needs a lot of work. I will just fix it if I can’t find a clean original one.
  19. Blackcat37

    Nellie 1965 Fj40 FST

    Do you have one for sale? I am missing a few parts
  20. Blackcat37

    Nellie 1965 Fj40 FST

    Got lot of the powder coated parts back and started to add the eye candy. Need to restore the gauge cluster and the steering wheel. Not looking forward to that.
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