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    FJ62 fuel pump module screw sizes

    Also, the holes do not go into the gas tank. They just go into the metal ring, which is then welded to the tank. That makes cleaning/tapping the holes quite difficult.
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    Hilux brake conversion

    When you look at the performance testing of the time, the 60/62 Series actually has pretty good braking performance - even by today's standards. The issue is that all of these trucks are now 30+ years old, and many have very degraded braking systems. If you renew everything - new calipers, new...
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    FJ62 fuel pump module screw sizes

    The screws for the fuel pump are M5 x 0.8, but the ones for the level sending unit are M4 x 0.7.
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    80 In The Snow - open vs viscous coupling center

    I live in the heart of the salt belt. In 2013 I scrapped a 91 80 series that had doors fenders and quarter panels that were just as (if not more rotten) than my '89 '62. They all rot once the paint is compromised.
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    80 In The Snow - open vs viscous coupling center

    No, not really. They rust just the same as the others.
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    Hard "clunk" when shifting into reverse and drive. 1989 FJ62. Doesn't happen all the time.

    Chock wheels, shift vehicle into neutral, rotate rear driveshaft back and forth. See if the rear axle has a lot of play. Another possibility (and really probably most likely) is worn splines on your transfercase gear/output shaft. Edit: I forgot, there is also the slip-joint on the driveshaft...
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    FJ60 front differential pinion flange doesn’t spin

    Sounds like they blew the front diff up and either gutted the locking hubs or removed the axle shafts (or the axle shafts are broken off in the diff). Since the pinon doesn't turn at all, you need to start by taking the differential apart. Unfortunately there is no diff cover on the front axle...
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    FJ60/ FJ62

    I got mine from Price was okay. They did replace the inner c-channel portions at the back, and the frame was overall in pretty good shape.
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    Major engine failure 😞😩😩

    Yeah, just part out a vehicle that typically sells for $20,000-$25,000 these days because of a $5,000 engine. I swear some of these posts are just people fishing for offers for their vehicles.
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    Another A440f thread...

    Looks like it's a "line pressure tube" according to my service manual. But it doesn't describe their purpose.
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    FJ62 Fire Truck Oil/Transfer case cooler?

    You also have to think about the intended purpose of the vehicle: Start up, quickly get to wherever it needs to go, pump water, go home. It likely wasn't intended to go on long drives while hauling gear, or extended off-road excursions. The fact it has an oil-temp gauge (where is it located?)...
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    FJ62 transmission oil cooler installation help needed

    The in-tank cooler on the radiator removes a tremendous amount of heat before it gets to the auxiliary cooler. You will definitely need that cooler in order to keep everything cool enough without the radiator cooler. I hope the fan is thermostatic, as you don't want to overcool the transmission.
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    FJ62 Fire Truck Oil/Transfer case cooler?

    I personally wouldn't delete the engine oil cooler on an FJ-62. It was put there for a reason. The engine is hauling around a lot more weight than the 2F originally did in an FJ40
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    Hj61 wrong engine mounts?

    If the diagram doesn't show the spacer - than it's probably not supposed to be there! Sometime to keep in mind too, is that that the engine IS supposed to sit crooked in the chassis, with the front of the motor closer to one side of the vehicle than the back of the motor. I'm not sure why this...
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    FJ80 Alternator putting out 10 A at idle normal?

    The voltage regulation on older vehicles is pretty simple and stupid. Basically it has a set system voltage it wants to achieve, and it will push the alternator as hard as it can to achieve that voltage. Once that voltage is achieved, it reduces alternator current to the exact amount necessary...
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    Who’s had personal experience using a shop for a complete FJ60 restoration?

    Tread very carefully. My experience (not necessarily with Land Cruisers), is that when you give shops essentially a blank check to do everything, they will take all kinds of short-cuts and do everything wrong and charge you a ton of money. I've seen countless friends burned by "restoration" or...
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    '88 FJ62 V8 Swap using Stock Auto Transmission

    What a goofy adapter that is, clever, but goofy. What would be the advantage of the GM 4.3 V6? The vast majority of them are 155-165 HP @ 4000 RPM. Essentially the same power and torque as the 3FE. The last of the 4.3s were around 195HP, but $1450 + engine seems like a lot of money to spend to...
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    '88 FJ62 V8 Swap using Stock Auto Transmission

    Where do you see that adapter on Advance Adapter's site? I cannot find it. The main issues are going to be: 1) Shift pressure calibration. The A440F is a "medium duty" transmission designed for trucks, but it has been calibrated to shift very smoothly and softly behind the relatively weak 3FE...
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    I believe you can create custom "rules" in the Sniper configuration to turn a "warning output" on if certain things happen. For example, if the engine gets too hot, you could have it turn the "Warning Output" on. So you can hook it up to the light, but It doesn't really function like a check...
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    I think what he's trying to say, is that the Holy Sniper doesn't support a check engine light. I think the people using TBI and LS swaps could use this though.
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