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  1. JayMilla

    Minimizing breakdown time for camp

    Every camping trip I take these days includes my girlfriend, 2-5 teenagers, and at least two dogs. We camp for 10 days in the desert every spring, 10 days in the desert every fall, plus a week in the mountains around July 4th and 3-4 long weekends during summer break. Dragging a 25’ spring...
  2. JayMilla

    let’s talk brakes

    Nice Chevelle! Glad you like your Hope’s, going from 2 piston to 4 in a nice upgrade. Did you go with larger rotors too? I recently went from Shimano Deore 2 piston on 203mm rotors to TRP DHR evo on my Ripmo, really noticeable how much less effort required to slow the bike down. Those deore’s...
  3. JayMilla

    1964 Trailblazer Chief Camper Build

    Yes to the flashing idea, if you put it on both sides it looks like it was on purpose!
  4. JayMilla

    Traveling with a dog

    Dogs in crates works best for us. They get their own protected space, and no mess.
  5. JayMilla

    let’s talk brakes

    Get the bigger rotors first and run your current mechanicals til the pads wear out. You might find the larger rotors are all the upgrade necessary. If not, then go hydraulic
  6. JayMilla

    1964 Trailblazer Chief Camper Build

    Wood heat is nice! You just out of room in a 10' pretty quick. We outgrew ours when the girls were 7&9, they no longer fit in the top bunk without a squabble. We used a bagger toilet with a small tent for the loo, never could find room in the trailer for one. Looking forward to seeing what...
  7. JayMilla

    1964 Trailblazer Chief Camper Build

    Most call that style a canned ham. We had a '65 Bell 12' with that same layout, loved the hydroflame heater in there. No electricity necessary. The sink and cooktop were flipped in our Bell, was really nice to get coffee going without getting out from under the covers! Good luck with your...
  8. JayMilla

    MTB recommendations

    Pretty hard to beat the Ibis AF bikes in bang for buck. If you plan on pedaling mostly, the Ripley is probably the better choice, although they descend really well too. Gonna ride lifts and do shuttles more? The Ripmo has a bit more tire and squish for that, yet climbs like a goat. I went...
  9. JayMilla

    Bears, or mitigation there of during overlanding

    That is the idea.
  10. JayMilla

    Bears, or mitigation there of during overlanding

    Habituated bears are a different issue, once they learn those habits there is only one cure.
  11. JayMilla

    Bears, or mitigation there of during overlanding

    The only camping we do is in bear country. Though not sure if a tent on the ground is considered overlanding, probably depends on how many gear stickers you Lock up your food in the vehicle, no food in the tent. Be prepared to repel unwanted visitors. Dogs in camp don't suck...
  12. JayMilla

    Anyone carry/use an electric Chain Saw?

    If it leaks oil, it has oil. The Milwaukee 16” has been cutting above its pay grade for a couple seasons now. Bar oil is cheap, bars and chains are not.
  13. JayMilla

    Can We Stop Blaming the Bottom Bracket Already?

    Turns out it was the internally routed cables smacking the down tube at front tire impact.
  14. JayMilla

    Can We Stop Blaming the Bottom Bracket Already?

    Nice! Diagnosing creaks on a mountain bike is a skilled trade. Well deserved IPA for that find. That reminds me, I have a bit of a creak in my headset...
  15. JayMilla

    Post up what you pedal

    2018 Ibis Ripmo, has been a really fun couple years trying to wear it out. No luck so far.. Heading to Moab again in a couple weeks, taking the whole fam this time, leaving the cruiser at home.
  16. JayMilla

    Fridge prices have gotten ridiculous

    That is alot of ice!
  17. JayMilla

    Mountain Bikes - show/tell me how you lug yours around!

    It depends on how many bikes you need to haul. 1 or 2? 1Up or Kuat or Thule. 4 most every time? gimme a north shore or recon. North Shore 4 currently serves our needs, with a proper departure angle.
  18. JayMilla

    RTT and your four legged friend

    My GSP sleeps in his crate in the back of the cruiser with the sliders cracked.
  19. JayMilla

    Favorite Truck Camping Grill!

    I like the Coleman combo grill/burner unit. Boil water for the french press while grilling breakfast. When I need slow grilling or when I have time to kill I carry a grill grate and grill over wood coals. Also works great on the tailgate after hunting.
  20. JayMilla

    Best place to buy a OME lift?

    Cruiser outfitters for the win.
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