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  1. BigAxeJack

    Wanted OEM Front Bumper End Caps with Chrome Trim

    I don't have any here. I can't remember if the '94 at your place had em or not.
  2. BigAxeJack

    Wanted 1991 Fj80 rear window switch plate

    sent you a pm
  3. BigAxeJack

    Wanted FJ80 Brown/Oak/ Houndstooth Seats-Manual

    pm'd you
  4. BigAxeJack

    Wanted 80 series front springs wanted

    No worries, best of luck. There have to be some sitting in a garage in LA...
  5. BigAxeJack

    Wanted 80 series front springs wanted

    Still looking? I have a set in good condition, no rust, in CO and willing to ship. They have about 250k on them.
  6. BigAxeJack

    Wanted FZJ80 Factory Roof Rack Cross Bars

    Pm'd you
  7. BigAxeJack

    Wanted FZJ80 Factory Roof Rack Cross Bars

    Are you seeking just the crossbars or do you need the "feet" as well? I removed my rack a couple of years ago but saved the parts. I'll find them when I get home from work and get back to you.
  8. BigAxeJack

    Wanted '84-'89 4Runner shift bezel

    I am restoring my old 1st gen 4Runner. I need a shift bezel for a 4WD 5-speed. In an ideal world it would be gray in color, but I can paint it. Ive had a helluva time finding one, they seem to be as rare as hen's teeth. Thanks for looking!
  9. BigAxeJack

    Wanted Steel Inserts for '93-'94 Aluminum Wheel

    I am needing two of these little buggers. If you know of anyone who has a broken '93-'94 alum wheel, I will pay for the inserts and shipping to Durango, CO. I have asked Beno and Jason at Cruiseryard and have so far struck out. Thank for looking! -Jim
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