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  1. topend yobbo

    Engel/ARB Fridge...waterproof?

    In the latest Aus 4wd monthly the old editer has his Engel bolted to the back of his buggy for a few years in the rain,mud,salt spray and car washes and has never had a drama so should be ok.
  2. topend yobbo

    ARB fridge refigerate and freeze at the same time?

    Correct, the green pad sits under the basket so as not to damage the bottem of the fridge. Where did anyone get the idea that its a divider in the middle of the fridge? Probably a good way to damage a new fridge doing this to it.
  3. topend yobbo

    X-Treme HiLift

  4. topend yobbo

    need a CRAPPER!!!

    Dig hole, s***, back fill, have beer, simple, Why all the rigmaroll?
  5. topend yobbo

    CD changer

    water crossings ? Most water that cruiser sees is automatic car wash.
  6. topend yobbo

    Meats and Fridge

    Good Aussie Engel fridge .At least 30 cans in that sucker
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