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  1. MicahMan

    take apart door hinges

    Matt has been super busy and actually been promoted at his work and doing great. He has let MC Designs fissle. I have a couple sets of his hinges on my trucks and love them, but there is no plan for him to keep making them right now! Hopefully in the future!
  2. MicahMan

    Bikini top without header using roll bar

    Love it! Good work!
  3. MicahMan

    Bikini top without header using roll bar

    This is what I did. It was sunbrella material we had sitting around the house. Put eylets in the material then wove paracord around the roll cage. Perfect solution!
  4. MicahMan

    Community Appraisal: Fair Price for this '78 2F?

    I just bought a good runner for 500. Good compression and fresh head gaskets and seals blah blah blah. Runs great after original died
  5. MicahMan

    Grandpa's 1973 FJ 40

    Here is Ruger hanging out with my truck. We made a sun shade and then he wanted to drive.
  6. MicahMan

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Went topless today
  7. MicahMan

    Straightening bent bumper

    Nice work. I went shorty with my bumper as well! This is what I started with. Then some fab work!
  8. MicahMan

    Which clutch slave cylinder do I need?

    Call kurt at www.cruiseroutfitters.Com he has Japanese ones in stock
  9. MicahMan

    Rear Disc Brakes...

    Steve Rocks! I have these on my FJ40 I've installed two other kits for friends and I'm thinking of doing it on my fj60. Love the power of the disc!
  10. MicahMan

    Parking lights come on when brakes are applied?

    This happens often times when LED bulbs are used as they are not all one way circuits. The lights have a common ground and since LED lights are so low resistance they can energize the circuit so the marker lights come on as well. That's what happened to me on my FJ60. So I put the non LED 1157...
  11. MicahMan

    Grandpa's 1973 FJ 40

    Did some random upgrades on the Coyote. New marker lights on the truck! The old ones had been busted! I think they look sweet. They are the older style!
  12. MicahMan

    Infant/Toddler Car Seats, FJ/HJ back seat

    I did the same thing with an Isuzu. I have the rear bench in my FJ40 and kept lap belts. I put big d rings in on my cage to hook the car seat safety straps to. This works great, but my kids are getting bigger and I'll need to reconfigure shortly!
  13. MicahMan

    A new twist to early fender marker lights

    So much light! That is sweet I love the inner ring. YOu should package these and sell them!
  14. MicahMan

    I'm thinking of upgrading to longfeilds Birfs and or Axles But which ones?

    Drop the extra cash now Ben! Its worth it trust me. That feeling of being stuck on the hill disappears and never returns if you build it right the first time! Other than that your truck is sick Lets wheel!
  15. MicahMan

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Our front ends could be twins
  16. MicahMan

    Grandpa's 1973 FJ 40

    I always do. Especially when my wife looks at it.
  17. MicahMan

    Grandpa's 1973 FJ 40

  18. MicahMan

    Grandpa's 1973 FJ 40

    I'm in Lehi. Come over anytime. We could tackle projects together.
  19. MicahMan

    Grandpa's 1973 FJ 40

  20. MicahMan

    Grandpa's 1973 FJ 40

    Had a local guy cut them on his table
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