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  1. 97 40th

    Registry 80 Series Registry

    All custom. I think it was done in the Phoenix area.
  2. 97 40th

    Registry 80 Series Registry

    1. Year and model: '96 Cruiser 2. Name of owner: Jim Webb 3. Name of rig: None 4. Mileage: 149k 5. Mods: 4:88's, triple locked, 37's, cage, TRD Supercharger, etc. 6. How the truck is used: Garage queen 7. Photo:
  3. 97 40th

    Help - Factory Running Boards/Steps

    Will a set of 1995 Land Cruiser steps/running boards fit on a 1997 Land Cruiser?
  4. 97 40th

    Wild Wheeling Pics

  5. 97 40th

    HELP! - OEM Dash Cup Holder

    Thanks for the great leads!
  6. 97 40th

    Changing Head Gasket, Can't Get Camshaft Out

    I had the exact same experiance. Be easy with the pry bar tho.
  7. 97 40th

    Builds New 80 In Virginia

    Sweet build....
  8. 97 40th

    front bumper from AOE

    No 80 series stuff on your site. Sweet site though if I was driving a JK......:doh:
  9. 97 40th

    Arb air locker – factory switch integration

    Where did you get your white face gauges???:clap:
  10. 97 40th

    Vinyl or Rubber Carpet kit?

    My neighbor just bought a 80 series and asked me if anyone made a full vinyl replacement kit for the 80 series. I don't know.... Did Toyota ever offer the 80 series in other countries with vinyl or rubber instead of carpet? If so, where do you get them?
  11. 97 40th

    How or where to read codes for a 1994 80 Series??

    Thank you guys! Mud is awesome!
  12. 97 40th

    How or where to read codes for a 1994 80 Series??

    My neighbor's CEL came on in his 1994 80 series. :doh: He took it to Autozone and they said their machine couldn't read it. Anyone know what he should do?
  13. 97 40th

    I bought an what?

    Love the bumper sticker!
  14. 97 40th

    Help! My 80 ihas a temper.

    Ok guys! After all of the headaches I took it to Bohannan Auto Service(known for specializing in cruisers). The main wiring harness that runs down from the fire wall got up against the EGR pipe and melted a small spot which shorted out the main fuse link by the battery. She's running like a...
  15. 97 40th

    Help! My 80 ihas a temper.

    No, no fuel filter.
  16. 97 40th

    Help! My 80 ihas a temper.

    Thanks guys! Yes, it is my daily drive and I can't afford to let it sit. I had the head resurfaced at a local machine shop and the machinest said that he barely took any off since the head was in such good shape. It ran perfect Sunday and Monday morning! (Crazy) When I trun it over now it...
  17. 97 40th

    Help! My 80 ihas a temper.

    B Legit: Thank you so much for your kind and very helpful input. It has been a long day. My brother came and picked me and the 80 up from work with a trailer and brought us home. Thank goodness for family! I just checked the AFM connection and seems to be solid and snug. I have not messed with...
  18. 97 40th

    Help! My 80 ihas a temper.

    Would the local toyota dealer tell me how?
  19. 97 40th

    Help! My 80 ihas a temper.

    Anyone know the the process of how to re-calibrate the ECU??
  20. 97 40th

    Help! My 80 ihas a temper.

    AFM?(excuse my ignorance) All sensors feel good. No problems with the harness around the EGR. Went together fairly easy after realizing that I could pull the studs out of the intake. Also, didn't time it since it was running so good. It purr'd like a kitten. If I get it running again I will...
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