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  1. hj 60

    Testing the use of a boat anchor for a winching point in sand

    I don't use it because it is really the last thing to spend time on, mostly I call a friend with a tractor :rofl: No, I have to much crap but the order is a bit like this: front and rear aussie lockers, air down, tractor, sandladder, hilift/jack, tractor, airbag, snowchains 4x, tractor, and if...
  2. hj 60

    Testing the use of a boat anchor for a winching point in sand

    A ground anchor has a different angle, more adjusted to a straight line I think? A boat anchor needs a line 3 x longer than depth to get a working angle? So for 10 meter water depth I use 30 meter line. When in Croatia I never ever trust one anchor so I use three, just an idiot but the idea of...
  3. hj 60

    Can no longer buy brushes from Warn for 8274??

    John McVicker 1911 I think I found them but then I get crazy of the way they are measured, and on ebay they are way cheaper than shop: I measured 22 length x 9 wide x 18 high in mm So longest part fist , length 22 now, -25 original, no problem if a bit to long then smallest measure , wide 9...
  4. hj 60

    Wiring an 8274 + Albright

    GLTHFJ60 That looks cool, nice setup, I wish I had the automatic power cut off from cabin, I am to cheap for it. I can recommend a safety cut out, because the winch scares me, I have two red key power cut out, one at the battery and one next to the winch, hope to safe my hand, no accidental...
  5. hj 60

    Badland winch replacement parts Available ??

    I understand the alligator, are you looking for a controller box or a controller box? No need to wait for special parts, anything fits, I build my own controller as it did not came with my winch, remote is 12 dollar and most used, it is only 3 wires:
  6. hj 60

    Badland winch replacement parts Available ??

    First tell us what you did.
  7. hj 60

    Warn 8274-50 Solenoid Question

    If you want to just spool in find the good spool out and replace with the bad one (test with the continuity test) and have intermittent spool out (spool out is mostly used in downhill braking) I mostly use manual spool out as it is faster, attach cable and spool in. But imagine if the spool in...
  8. hj 60

    Warn 8274-50 Solenoid Question

    Was this sold as fine (scam?) Check the solenoid (was also in the link given above), I have done more work since and all pdf is here Warn M12000 winch PDF bumper, air & original jack - But after reading many stories about spooling in and locking up resulting in melted...
  9. hj 60

    Cheap Warn X9000 with damage - bad idea?

    I would pass, and I am cheap. All stuff inside is bend and might give you a huge headache to repair and get it running normally without strange noise and wear. But the mounts from motor to winch is easy to replace, the inside (hex drive shaft) might be replaced? The motor is a chunk of steel...
  10. hj 60

    noob question- tire chains

    yes it ends getting more stuck than before, I have front and rear locker and front and rear tire chains, awesome grip in mud, snow, sand and I dont try on rocks or any hard soil, no spinning or fast driving, just slow. Now I get stuck with the rear wheels off the ground and the front too after a...
  11. hj 60

    Can no longer buy brushes from Warn for 8274??

    That is just sabotage and bad customer service, good policy to not buy warn anymore :flipoff2: If you measure them there must be a way to get them from www or a skilled electro store. CARBON MOTOR BRUSH 31.8MM L, 18.9MM W, 7.9MM THK QTY 4 BRUSH 646 #61600 | eBay I forgot to measure mine: (o...
  12. hj 60

    How do i bypass solenoids?

    I stole this text somewhere (and don't trust the original solenoid because they can stick and burn your car) To test the motor, use the following procedure from WARN: Warn Motor Testing Procedure If you find yourself in a situation where your winch is clicking but it is not working, you may...
  13. hj 60

    Any safety benefit wtih in cab winch controls?

    I connected a remote but thought it would be empty when needed so also made inside control, and still plan an outside wired controller. But I like to be outside when needed, depends what job the winch has to do. Next to the winch I have a power cut of key and one near the battery. Mounted this...
  14. hj 60

    How often Do You Use your Hi Lift Jack?

    With the winch, extra chain, towrope, 3 snatchblocks, air lift, hand-winch, ground anchor, snorkel, extra fuel, hi-lift, sand-ladders, shovel, axe, chain-saw, spareparts and tubes I feel very safe on my couch watching a zombie movie.
  15. hj 60

    M12000 Winch - What Fuse to use?

    I removed the original solenoid because of to many bad stories, replaced with albright contactor: SKU: DC88-556PL24V 24V Extra duty solenoid for winch upgrades: Albright Contactor - Extra Duty 24V And added two simple cheap red marine switches: one under the hood, unmolested I hope. And one...
  16. hj 60

    If no winch, then what is needed for basic recovery?

    front&rear lockers to make sure you get better stuck than before, and I like WOII sandladders most because it is like driving uphill, out of the hole, just throw them before wheels and drive. cheap alternative are FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) boards. But it depends all on the soil you...
  17. hj 60

    How To: Rebuild a Hi-Lift Jack

    Awesome explanation and pictures, every post should be like this, thanks a lot. Now back to the euro mirror with cupholder topic,:steer:
  18. hj 60

    Warn VR12000 Issues

    Nice cleanup and thanks for the pictures (with dirty grease allover it is easy to skip) My old 12000 KM1 also has some spots from water, but I don think it is a problem for operation. I had never seen planetary gears so I was amazed at the idea/concept.
  19. hj 60

    Warn 12,000 stopped working far a few min

    You can replace with another motor, the white clixon is closing at 400+°F. (204 degrees Celsius!) (thermal cutoff) My 12000 Motor is replaced (downgrade HP:() with 24 Volt series 9: Warn mrv-c-3, M39333 D Bosch 491 This motor has two small white wires and those are for the thermal switch...
  20. hj 60

    Testing a Warn Motor?

    I tested mine and made this so hope it helps, you seem to have a problem and need to replace the motor, I attached - to the original points (not A) and disconnected +:
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