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  1. jetdude

    FJ40 Brake Bleeding troubles

    Thanks everyone for the assist. installed a new master prior to all this. All the wheel cylinders are adjusted correctly, I adjusted both cylinders on each cprner to where they are draggin just a little bit, any more on any of them and they get too hot. I bled them the traditional way several...
  2. jetdude

    FJ40 Brake Bleeding troubles

    Great idea/detail on this bleed process, I'm currently out of town, but look forward to trying this when I get home. I've worked on brakes for over 40 years and NEVER had this much trouble bleeding them, I've spent probably 6 hours thus far, replaced ALL the brake parts, adjusted, and adjusted...
  3. jetdude

    WDYD FJ40 / 2H Swap Exhaust Help

    Installing a 2H into my 74' FJ40 and am currently looking for exhaust ideas, I have the exhaust manifold but need everything beyond that. Anyone piece an exhaust system together for this application? I can weld/fabricate out pipes etc, really mainly just looking for downpipe/collector options to...
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