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  1. BigBenFJ

    For Sale  Fj62 Front Seats Central California

    I pulled these out driver has a bit of wear but passenger looks good. $300 prefer local pickup or we can discuss shipping
  2. BigBenFJ

    For Sale  Running 3FE and 440F

    Hello Mud Freinds, As of yesterday 12/4 I have a freshly pulled 3FE and 440F out of 1988 FJ62. 285,000 miles on the clock, both ran and shifted great. I took my time pulling that beast so no wires were cut and everything is intact. I pulled them so I could start the V8 upgrade. I would like...
  3. BigBenFJ

    Champion radiator part number

    Hello mud I purchased cc1213 that says it has a transmission cooler. After pulling old radiator i realized where the stock location of the transmission lines was not on the new one. Did I receive the right radiator or do I need to send it back. The lines should go in on the left side of the...
  4. BigBenFJ

    5.3 Swap CA Smog Required Equipment

    Good evening fellas The time has come to swap the mighty 3FE for some modern day V8 power. I have done research on the things I need to get (engine, motor mounts, crossmember tranny..... And the list goes on for awhile). What I have not been able to find is the required smog equipment for the...
  5. BigBenFJ

    For Sale  FJ62 Window regualtor $45

    I bought a new one thinking the old one was bad after I pulled it out realized it just need to be cleaned up works just fine. $45 In Monterey CA
  6. BigBenFJ

    Squeak from back hatch

    Hey guys After buying my 62 this last fall I've gotten out all the little bugs like slow power window and door locks not working. The last one I have is this squeaky rear hatch I've tried silicon spray on it with no luck and don't really want to put grease on it or anything that will leave a...
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