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  1. mshelby

    For Sale  Toyota stock cassette radio and CD addon

    Toyota 08601-00870 and 86120-04090 Was pulled from a 2000 Rav-4, tested working before pulling. Both are in great shape. Looking to get $175 for the pair shipped.
  2. mshelby

    For Sale  1992 FJ80 Southern Mississippi

    1992 FJ80 Southern Mississippi *Deal pending* After much deliberation I finally have come to terms with parting with my 80. With the rising gas prices and my new job that has me on the road constantly I just can't afford it anymore. It has 340,000 miles but in the past year the top end was...
  3. mshelby

    Gauge lights finally gone

    Last night driving home my last gauge light finally went out. I am going to replace them with LED's but can someone tell me how many there are back there? If I got this right, I should just remove the lower dash panel and from there I will have access to remove the gauge from the dash right?
  4. mshelby

    Question about drawer setups

    How do you guys anchor your setups to the truck? I am debating over using the bolt holes from the 3rd row bars or just drilling 4 holes in the floor which I'd rather try to avoid. Also everyone here seems to use paddle latches primarily, any particular reason? Any advantage over a standard...
  5. mshelby

    Window motor compatibility question

    My front passenger side window motor finally died on me this morning. Will any 80-series motor fit or do I have to find one from an earlier year? A few salvage yards have some for various years, I figure getting one from a later year 80 would give me a little bit more life than an early 90's...
  6. mshelby

    Help identifying a sensor

    Ok so I have no pics but it's on the drivers side, right next to the water temp sensor near the water inlet. I think it's the manifold temp sensor but I am not sure. The plastic on it deteriorated when I was pulling it. [Edit] Just to clairfy, it's a 3FE
  7. mshelby

    White smoke...

    Today I was driving my truck going around 35-40 when out of the back it started pouring white smoke with a blue tint. I know this indicative of oil burning so I figured it may have been just a little so I pulled over and let it run for a minute or 2. Eventually the smoke stopped so I put it...
  8. mshelby

    Wanted  Land Cruiser posters/pictures

    My nephew is looking for a nice poster or picture of an FJ40 or 80 for his bedroom. If anyone has a large image that you want to get rid of please shoot me a PM. Help me get this 9 year old Cruiser Head what he wants.
  9. mshelby

    For Sale  Painless dual battery kit

    I have a Painless dual battery kit that has never been used, everything still in the box only opened to look at it. I will also include some additional plastic loom, I believe it's 10-15 feet. Asking $100 shipped for it and I will throw in an aftermarket battery box.
  10. mshelby

    For Sale  OME springs + more

    Never installed OME 850J springs still in the box $140 + the ride OME 863 that had about 4k on them $120 + ride MAF drop brackets $125 shipped MAF bump stop extension kit $35 shipped All gone
  11. mshelby

    Any attorneys in the house?

    Looking to get some questions answered specifically aimed at child custody/welfare. If someone has any legal experience in the matter please PM me. Thanks
  12. mshelby

    For Sale  OME yellow bushings

    Never used decided to go with a bigger lift and using a drop bracket. $90 shipped
  13. mshelby

    Engine running when I turn the key off

    Last night my truck wouldn't start, checked and the ignition fuse was blown. Replaced it with another 7.5A fuse and it cranked fine, however now when I go to turn it off the engine still runs...I can rev it up but can't put it in D because the key is removed. Everything else is off, radio...
  14. mshelby

    Synthetic rope question

    This weekend I was pulling someone out and my rope broke loose at the winch end where the rope is crimped on. Is there an easy off the shelf connector I could buy? Maybe something that is more secure than a crimped end? Thanks in advance
  15. mshelby

    For Sale  Steel winch cable and Kenwood 6 1/2's

    I have 94' of winch cable off of my XRC12. I went with synthetic rope instead so no need for this, never been used. $50 + shipping Sold Also have a pair of Kenwood 6 1/2's that I just bought from Crutchfield but decided to go another route, never used but opened. Paid $80 will let them go...
  16. mshelby

    For Sale  Aussie locker for 80

    Never got around to installing it and now need some funds for a radiator. First $245 gets it. Shipping included. Sold
  17. mshelby

    The weather couldn't hold me down

    Despite the weather I was able to do some work on the truck during breaks in the storms. I managed to get my new new alternator installed after the first replacement was DOA and it seems to be charging now. Also Friday my roof top tent came in from Camping Lab and I bolted it up as well...
  18. mshelby

    Can't remove the steering stabilizer

    I am installing my ProComp stabilizer and I can't get the original off the bracket that bolts to the frame. I was able to use a tie rod fork to get it off the tie rod. Would a pittman puller work or should I stop being a wuss and just hit it harder?
  19. mshelby

    No gauge lights

    I installed a new head unit over the weekend and ever since the gauge lights no longer come on. I have made sure the the knob is connected and not loose...don't see a fuse specifically for the gauge lights but the gauge fuse is good. Is there something on the radio harness I may have...
  20. mshelby

    CB tuning help

    I just installed my Cobra 75 with a Midland window mount antenna. I am going to buy a SWR meter tomorrow from Radio Shack but I have no clue how to use it. Also is an SWR meter required to be constantly hooked up or do I just use it to tune the antenna and put it away?
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