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  1. jesterb

    It's the most wonderful time of the year

    Not even sure if the Beaver at Ole Miss has a player s*** all stupid as this. Bama over Michigan, UT beats NC State, Clemson over Auburn and we get to see how bad Ole Miss sucks....again.
  2. jesterb

    What to Cook

    I'm a huge fan of the "where to eat" thread but I hardly ever eat out anymore. In the past couple of weeks we have cooked the following: Homemade spinach and mushroom tortellini. Del and I had a stay home date night so we decided to cook. It was good but WAY to labor intensive. Hot...
  3. jesterb

    College Football Smack

    It goes here.
  4. jesterb

    Parker's Thank You Note

    I received a note from Parker's mother yesterday in refrence to both my and the CLC donations to Tunica Academy in Parker's name. It reads as follows. "Dear Jes, Thank you and all the CottonLand Cruisers for your gifts to Tunica Academy in Parker's memory. After Parker's...
  5. jesterb

    Air show today

    at Hawkins Field from now until 5. No pets, no coolers but it is free. Heading there as soon as the Saints game is over.
  6. jesterb

    '93 4Runner rear window

    It won't go up. It's been working fine until about 20 minutes ago. The motor engages fine but nothing moves. I've pulled the back panel off but I can't tell heads from tails. When the motor engages the gears don't move at all. Is there a common problem to look for or do I just need to tear...
  7. jesterb

    '01 Disco II

    A friend's sister is selling her Disco that she has had since new. '01 SE with 120K. It has some parking lot rash and a coolant leak. She is asking 2K for it and I am gonna pull the trigger pending where it is leaking coolant. Thoughts?
  8. jesterb

    For Sale  '97 Ford F250 7.3 PSD 4x4 Crew Cab

    Truck is in Jackson, MS. 236K. Tan interior. Auto, pw, keyless entry, line x bedliner and ranch hand rear bumper. The A/C blows super cold. Very good 285/75/16 Bidgestone Duelers. The tranny was rebuilt by the previous owner at about 180K. I have replaced the fuel pump, vacuum pump...
  9. jesterb

    Daryl Hornsby

    Please report to your facebook page. You have been spammed. Great pic though! Is that Sherry?
  10. jesterb

    For Sale  '03 100 Jackson, MS

    SOLD Selling the wife's 100 to help fund adoption. We love this truck but bringing a baby home is tons more important than what we drive. It's an '03 with 136K. All scheduled maintenance has been done. Timing belt and water pump at 100K. It has some parking lot rash that I can get pics...
  11. jesterb


    Black gubs, 1911's, shotgubs, rifles, CCW's and the like. Go. I love my Glock 32 .357 SIG. Packs a nasty blow. Ammo is kinda steep but I can swap barrels and mags with a 9mm and .40 if I wish. My Ruger .380 LCP is almost always in my pocket. Same size as a .22 or .25 pee shooter but...
  12. jesterb

    Gift boxes for deployed Marines

    Del and I have a close friend, almost like a little brother, deployed to Afghanistan with the 123rd Bravo Company of the United States Marine Corps. He will be there until mid October. We will be sending a gift box over very soon. Some things that are needed are as followed...
  13. jesterb

    Cold Weather Camp Out: Tunica

    It's next weekend. I'm heading out Friday, lunch'ish. It sounds like there will be a big group of guys from Tunica out there. I've got Bomar on board and maybe a few other guys from Memphrica. Any and all are welcome. PM me if you need more info. I will be home for the Super Bowl...
  14. jesterb

    Pizza Shack tonight at 7

    it's me birfday tomorrow.
  15. jesterb

    College town business ideas

    What have you seen work or what do you think will work? Also, what have you seen fail? I am currently catering for tailgates during football season but want to find something else. Thoughts? And please keep the "hooker delivery service" ideas to yourself. Don't you think I've...
  16. jesterb

    When is everyone heading out?

    I'm gonna be cooking for the Crawl, at my house, on Wednesday night. A guy that is coming to help me would like to hang out and meet a few of y'all before the weekend. If anyone will still be in town feel free to stop by the house.:beer:
  17. jesterb

    What's my trailer worth?

    My dad just bought a smaller utility trailer so Fred Samford's can go. Plus I need some cash to replentish my Stihl collection that I just donated to Jafrica. It's got 4 new tires from 49 and all bearings have grease. New wiring and lights. It's ugly, it's heavy, it's really ugly and...
  18. jesterb

    Catering (cross post)
  19. jesterb


    My church's grill was stolen about a month ago and I have convinced them to replace it with one of these Diamond Plate Products To help pay for it, I am offering my cooking services for special events and parties. My fees are very reasonable (cost of food and grill fuel+tax deductable...
  20. jesterb

    Ask CottonLand: Cool places to eat in NOLA

    That won't break the bank. I like a good hole in the wall. Any ideas?
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