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    120 series Photos!

    In Death Valley. If the gx had fit into the mine—well that would’ve been a game changer!
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    Builds The SUBdued build

    Vinyl???? Lol jk not a deal breaker
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    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Ok so the previous ones were from yesterday, these are from today. Galena Canyon and Queen of Sheba mine. Queen of Sheba was still operated by Pfizer in the 70’s. It looks like a dump. I want to write to them and ask why they don’t go clean it up. I probably won’t.....Nothing “historic” about...
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    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Kinda liking that armrest.....went to Gold Valley yesterday. Amazing views, found “ancient?” Gourds growing by a spring, saw some grouse and returned via Deadman’s pass. Loving it out here
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    New to Forum - need some advice

    Sweet find! You beat me and my 07 I got with 77k on it. Plus that is a sweet color combo. I had the TB/WP done immediately. It’s not just mileage but age and only up to 04 (I think) is “safe” to maybe wait on the tb. One less thing to worry about for ~90k miles.....
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    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Starting to hit the trails in Death Valley. These are from yesterday and day before that. Ibex springs and Hole in the Wall. I don’t need to point it out to @DRANGED, he’ll see it, but in the photo head on of the rig, look at the sign on the wall behind me. I’m underwater! And that shot was...
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    Builds DRANGED's build/ownership thread

    Knowing @DRANGED, I doubt it!!! Lol he is mr attention to detail! buy yeah my sliders are looking like garbage too. Need to do this project ASAP
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    Builds Mo's 2014 Sequoia Build Thread ... Already In Progress

    Your build thread is one of the few 2nd gen threads out there. It was here I saw @ADVFamilyHauler selling them. I just got an 08 SR5 same color as yours. Yours is way cooler looking. They are working out just fine but when You get into it, as of now despite any kit you may see from Dobinsons...
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    Horn loud like a semi truck?
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    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    In Death Valley. I’m supposed to be here till May. Tons of off road trails. Anyone ever in the area, hit me up we can go wheeling.
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    School me on kdss (potential purchase)

    The kdss has nothing to do with the knob. It is an electronic sway bar system that helps on road handling and off road articulation. As far as the ride being plush, it depends on the set up they installed. You’ll have to drive it but losing the air bags is not as bad as lots fear it may be. It’s...
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    Mountain Passes Off-road Mini-Max Bumper

    Didn’t mean to hijack thread! I will keep your names if I do sell any or all or hit me up if genuinely interested in a pm
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    Mountain Passes Off-road Mini-Max Bumper

    The whole rig really but I would part out the bumpers....I think
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    Mountain Passes Off-road Mini-Max Bumper

    Wellllllll wanna buy mine? 😬 It’s a fine specimen. Only selling because I have two and got a sequoia and don’t need the two GX’s anymore.
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    Mountain Passes Off-road Mini-Max Bumper

    Thanks. The bumper is Dissent’s in aluminum. There’s a possibility I’m selling that rig or maybe just the bumper.....
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    120 series Photos!

    I don’t know exactly how but my dog manages to hog the front armrests while he’s still sitting in the back
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    Gx470 rear lift with aftermarket airbags?

    I have to chime in. I have heard the same want from a lot of people on here. I was also dead set on keeping my rear air suspension when they called me during install of auxiliary gas tank to say the tank Wouldn’t fit with the stock air rear. So I didn’t have much choice. I wanted the gas tank...
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    Mountain Passes Off-road Mini-Max Bumper

    This was 4500lbs. I wasn’t happy about it and it wasn’t a long trip but Steve (builder of bumper) has towed more and structurally it is really anchored better than a factory one but the receiver is not a full length and any hitch will have to be cut to size. I also ended up needing an 8” drop...
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    120 series Photos!

    Doh! I thought I said not to upload that one! Lol I. AZ right now. Check out Tohono Chul if ever in Tucson. Botanic garden. I grabbed seeds from several plants. I’ll stop though. This is gx photo thread sorry! .....I guess I could edit and delete but it was a nice one lol
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