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    Control arm eccentrics

    What are these? Mechanic saying mine are bad and it’s $1700 to fix.....the fix is new lower control arms Dan are these the GXOR alignment parts you prototyped? Are they in production?
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    Hidden Gems

    ....or what else do you have that I should have? We all found the gx which I think we all feel is a gem. We spend lots of time on suspensions and gear for the truck but what else do you have that is a hidden gem? I will start it out with Wiggy’s sleeping bags. I’m pretty confident they are the...
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    For Sale  2004 GX470 Colorado

    Blue/grey. Nav. Non-KDSS. 179k miles. New timing belt and water pump at 164k. Clean carfax. I’m essentially third owner. Good records taken care of. I have the third row seats and an extra set of wheels too. Asking $11,000. I’m in northern Colorado Fort Collins area.
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    Purchasing Advice

    hey all, I’m usually on the 120 forum as I have 2 470’s....I’m looking to trade one in for a 460 and am wondering what things to watch out for. The one I’m looking at is 2013 Premium with 118k miles. Full Lexus maintained with records, checks out too. They’re asking $22k. Seem a...
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    GX Get Together Colorado 2019?

    It seems as though there are several of us already in Colorado and lots others who appreciate Colorado.....can we all meet up sometime next year when the weather gets nice and converge on some trails together? I’m not a very good organizer, have no social media (save this), etc. but will do...
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    Stock rims

    How capable are the OEM 17” rims that came with the GX? Do you have to get different rims or is it more a style thing? What about these gx460 18” rims? Are these any good for off road? I have a set of the 18’s and an extra set of the 17’s. I was considering powder coating them black and using...
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