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    Slinky is coming back to the US Market

    Right?! haha I wish everyone involved the best of luck. Surely third time(distributor) will be the charm.
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    Slinky is coming back to the US Market

    Still made by Dobinsons last i heard.
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    Official 35" and under!! Post pictures!!

    35*12.50R17 Baja Boss tires mounted to Dirty Life 9302 beadlocks.
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    Builds My 2003 GX470

    I've been really interested in those Kendas. Looking forward to you putting them through their paces!
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    DEPO Headlight, LED Taillight in smoke color, Clear Corner Light

    DM sent on a set of headlights.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I have the utmost respect for your process, after seeing all your other products i know it'll be worth it!
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Can't wait for what you come up with!
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    80 Series bumpers list in a spreadsheet

    That's a 4x4 Labs bumper.
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    Rear Heavy Duty Swaybar owners got links that last?

    Awesome, I'm in and would like mine with a set of new rubber bushings. No need for the rivnuts. Not in a monster hurry but don't want to miss out on this batch. Nathan
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    Rear Heavy Duty Swaybar owners got links that last?

    I want a set. What kind of bushings are you selling and what is the rivnut option?
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    Builds Reconstruction after rollover - building the White Rhino.

    How much wider are you going? Why the change?
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    FZJ80 Power Steering Fluid

    What's leftover atf?
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    FZJ80 Power Steering Fluid

    I've had excellent results and also got rid of my whiny, notchy steering with a very thorough flush with the Valvoline Max Life ATF.
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    Builds Building Bubbles the Super Tourer

    Do you know the collapsed and extended lengths of your rear shocks? Those swaybar links are freakin sweet dude.
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    Under-drive plus Low-Range review

    Same here, I tell myself it was weight savings and additional fluid capacity. :rofl: I run around in 4low with the case unlocked until an obstacle requires lockup and dont have any issues.
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    Tuffy center console install

    Nice job to everyone that posted their setups. Thanks for sharing!
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    Lion Cooler fridge/freezer review

    Cool write up (pun intended), i dont have any plans to replace my current ARB fridge but it's cool to see innovation and new thinking being put out. Hopefully they add some insulation to the walls or use a different kind of plastic in the future to fix that downfall.
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    In Memory of Kevin, Tools R US

    Dang, what a loss to the community. He seemed to always have something helpful to add and I had hoped to meet and wheel with him one day.
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    "new" Yokohama Geolander M/T

    I honestly believe the MTR is a better tire than the KM2 in every way after running both. I wouldnt say its less aggressive either from my own experiences and how many are used at KOH still. Also, the 35x12.50R17 MTR is a C range if you want to go to an even more compliant tire that is a 34.8"...
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