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  1. fjfodee

    Hot Springs, Saturday, 23rd

    Brendan and I are planning on making a day trip to the park this coming Sat. I'll be in the 80 with the boys and he will be bringing his truck. If any of y'all are interested you're more than welcome to join...
  2. fjfodee

    Hot Springs this Saturday??

    Anyone interested? Thinking about making a day run...
  3. fjfodee

    H.S.O.R.V.P. Sunday, Jan 11

    I'll be at the park Sunday showing a friend around. Should be nice and wet if anyone wants to join.
  4. fjfodee

    Free Badges

    Have ya'll seen this?
  5. fjfodee

    Fodee build "Where it's at"

    Well it's been in the works for a looooong time, and still is. Figured I would start a build thread so I could get a little motivation and criticism (good and bad). Sooo, here's where I'm at... I'll start with the rebuild of the 2F. Engine was in great shape. No wear in the cylinders and...
  6. fjfodee

    Wheeling/Event pics...

    Any event, any trail em up!
  7. fjfodee

    Retro Pics...

    Any and all old pics y'all might have. Post em up! Pismo Beach 1999. That place was awesome! Brendans truck stuck. He had bragged all day about how you couldn't stick the "baby yota"
  8. fjfodee

    A343/442 Question

    I have a '94 with a 442 trans. Recently acquired a '97 that I'm going to use the axles, etc for the '94. Question is I noticed that the A343 has a handy feature that allows you to start the trans in 2nd. Can that feature be adapted to work on my A442? Has anyone done this, or is there some...
  9. fjfodee

    For Sale  (AR.) '75 4spd Tcase

    All there, everything works. Prefer local pickup, but can ship. SOLD
  10. fjfodee

    For Sale  95-97 FZJ exterior lighting (AR)

    These pieces came off of a '97 model. Prices include shipping to lower 48. Front Signal Lights - $15.00 ea. Passenger side light is sold Passenger Side Headlight -$100.00 $75.00 Passenger Side Corner Light - $20.00 Tail Light Assembly - $50.00 ea. $40.00 ea Rear Marker Lights - SOLD
  11. fjfodee

    Attention scott!!!! :eek:
  12. fjfodee

    What kind of CB / CB accessories do you have?

    Looking to get one, but have no idea where to start. Model #'s and pics if possible.
  13. fjfodee

    I.D. these hubs

    Just picked up an '85 SR5. Truck looks to be unmolested (other than the retro wheels). I've never seen any hubs like this. Anyone have an idea?
  14. fjfodee

    What mod did you add to your Toyota this weekend?

    I built some 30mm front coil spacers for the 80. Cost: A few hours. Used some 1/4" flat plate and a piece of old axle tubing that I had laying around. Cleaned the tube up then cut to size. Made a template and cut the plates out. Drilled holes for the...
  15. fjfodee

    Ugly air cleaner cover gets a facelift!

    Bought this several years ago and never really cared for the styling. Finally putting my motor together and didn't want this thing sitting on top. Time to change that. Cut some soft jaws at work to hold it in place. Since this was a cast piece it was not flat or round. You...
  16. fjfodee

    Valve Spring help. 2F guru's needed

    I'm in the middle of a complete rebuild on my '75 2F. Having the cam reground by Delta for the 262 grind. Checked the valve springs and am getting 2.008 free height. FSM states the height should be 2.028 and to replace if not within spec. Checked with Napa, and the free height of there...
  17. fjfodee

    For real? Or a scam?

    Just came across this on the Little Rock CL. No phone #, of course! 4bt Cummins for $2550?
  18. fjfodee

    For Sale  2004 Dodge 2500 4x4 H.O. CTD (Arkansas)

    -SOLD-!!! I have this posted on craigslist, but thought I would list it here as well: 2004 Ram 2500 SLT 4x4 Quad Cab 5.9 Cummins H.O. Automatic Power windows, locks, etc. 67,xxx miles Asking $20,500
  19. fjfodee

    For Sale  Bumper end caps (95-97?)

    Front Bumper end caps (95-97?) FZJ I just bought these from another Mud member, and they will not work on my '94. Since I can't send them back, I need to try and find them another home. They have some scuffs, but no major damage. I think they fit '95-97, but not really sure. Evidently there...
  20. fjfodee

    Wanted  FZJ Front Bumper End Caps

    I've got a 94, and need a good pair of front bumper end caps. Thanks
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