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  1. afraptor22

    CBR Power Steering Pump options

    Love the thread, thanks for doing this. I have a gen5 5.3 that I used an LSX Innovations power steering mount on. They require: "Uses 1997-2002 Corvette power steering pump, and Dorman 300-301 Power steering pulley only" The 97 Vette pump looks very similar to what you are using but the...
  2. afraptor22

    For Sale $3000 Christmas Special Fj45 cab and parts

    Bump for a great seller and a cool project! Somebody buy it.
  3. afraptor22

    Builds Frog's FJ159

    Nice! I miss the flight line.
  4. afraptor22

    Builds Frog's FJ159

    That looks awesome! Very jealous of your doors.
  5. afraptor22

    For Sale Sold

  6. afraptor22

    For Sale Sold

  7. afraptor22

    Extended cab 45 SWB from a 40

    Got door uppers done, at least it's mostly water "resistant" now for winter. The frame is 1/2" square tube and 2" angle that is bolted to the tops of the doors and covered with 3/16" polycarbonate. I'm not sold on the shape/size of the rear windows. I had thought about matching them to the...
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  11. afraptor22

    For Sale Sold

    Bump, lowered price to $12,000 Repainted the body, roof and bumpers.
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  16. afraptor22

    For Sale SOLD

  17. afraptor22

    For Sale Sold

    No I took it off the market after 6months and we used it. Need something bigger now.
  18. afraptor22

    For Sale Sold

    Not mentioned but the Trail Tailor tailgate storage is included.
  19. afraptor22

    For Sale Sold

    Bump, finally figured out what I want to replace it for sale.
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