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  1. SammyT96LX450

    For Sale  Heavy Duty RL110 Silver 2 Bar Roof Rack

    The Heavy Duty RL Series roof rack system is the system of choice for vehicles that have protruding side gutters. Easy to install and remove - they are ideal as a non permanent solution yet offer great strength and durability. They have been used 8 times and both bars are in great shape. 150 obo
  2. SammyT96LX450

    Kokopelli Trail/Moab 2019 April-May

    So this has been on my list to do for a long time.....I scratched the surface last year with the trip to the top of the world but it is 3-4 day adventure depending on rain. The rest of the trip will be exploring MOAB and getting some quality wheeling time in. Did I say MOAB oh is...
  3. SammyT96LX450

    Rendezvous in the Ozarks 2018 October 19-21

    This was a fun event last year. It’s kind of like mini expo west or east with the ability to leave and go explore. I plan on attending since is on my birthday weekend. Natural State Overland
  4. SammyT96LX450

    For Sale  Heavy Duty RL110 Silver 2 Bar Roof Rack

    I have a pair of Heavy Duty RL110 Rhino Rack bars that I had on my LX450. I used them for my roof top tent for the last two years. I used them 8 times. They are in excellent shape. They retail for 400. I would take 300 plus shipping.
  5. SammyT96LX450

    Need a test drive.....

    Buddy of mine is in Tennessee and is interested in a 2013 4Runner Blue trail edition at Adventure Motors. I will not be in KC for a while to look it over and test drive it for him. Is anyone close that could check it out for him? His name is John Peterson and his number is (601) 513-0872...
  6. SammyT96LX450

    K Trail Clayton Oklahoma to Mena Arkansas March 8th - March 11th

    Alright ladies and gents. I have been wanting to do this for some time. This trail comes in 3 sections. Section one from Clayton seems to be the challenging part with some 12-24 inch steps and washouts and it mellows out from there until it turns into gravel roads. Lots of scenery. This trail is...
  7. SammyT96LX450

    Overland Trip Kiamichi Trail - Clayton, Oklahoma to Mena, Arkansas

    Hey gang I'm planing another overland trip. The idea is to drive to Clayton OH on a Friday do the K Trail on Saturday and Sunday start heading back home. According to my research the K Trail is not to difficult but very scenic about 90 miles from start to finish. I want to limit this group to 8...
  8. SammyT96LX450

    Insuring my 80

    im running into an issue finding an insurance company to insure my 80 for what I want even with all my documentation. The current replacement value is 3,800. I'm looking more for 12-15k. Any ideas? I tried couple of the classic insurance companies but they said no.
  9. SammyT96LX450

    New Years Day Trip. Where would you like to go?

    Who is in interested and where would you like to go? Open to suggestions as well
  10. SammyT96LX450


    My wife and I and the kids make this trip every year for her birthday. This year we would like to invite our extended TAC family. Date would be August 4-5-6-7 at Ozark Outdoors Ozark Outdoors Riverfront Resort, Leasburg, Missouri. Several rivers to choose from along with the tube loop around the...
  11. SammyT96LX450

    For Sale  Used Birfs for Sale

    These came out of my 1996 LX 450. Great working conditions. No popping or binding when they were removed. Mileage was 194k when I replaced them. I would like to get 200 for them but I'm open to offers as well.
  12. SammyT96LX450

    For Sale  80 series man-a-fre brackets

    Somehow I posted it into the wrong is the link Man-a-fre brackets
  13. SammyT96LX450

    Man-a-fre brackets

    Here is what I have Man-A-Fre 80 Series Front Control Arm Drop Brackets - Man-A-Fre I will take 125 plus shipping I have panhard bar drop brackets Which are brand new and I can't find them on the man a fre site anymore 150 plus shipping Front sway bar drop bracket Man-A-Fre 80 Series...
  14. SammyT96LX450

    Arkansas Overland Trip

    We will be heading down to Arkansas again late spring/early summer. Post up if you guys are interested. I hope to have the lx all back together by then. It's about a 4 hour drive to the trail head and then 156 miles on scenic fire roads and trails. No bathrooms or showers. Lots of river...
  15. SammyT96LX450

    1979 2f motor

    I was taking a couple of 80's to get some head work done at my local shop and the owner asked me if I knew if anyone would be interested. The motor was rebuild couple of years ago and left by the previous owner. Here are a few pics. The shop owner was asking 1700 that is what he has in parts and...
  16. SammyT96LX450

    For Sale  2008 FJ CRUISER

    Price is 24500. Clean Retail is 22,500 and it has 10k in upgrades not counting the labor.
  17. SammyT96LX450

    Question to the lc gods on rear dc drive shaft instal

    i just installed my rear dc drive shaft. All the pics I've seen online has it the way I have it installed but some suggested to have the dc joint at the tc side.....opinions?
  18. SammyT96LX450

    Spongy Brakes on LX450

    So I’m driving today to my in laws to park a little trailer in my 96 lx450. After I put it back to D the brake pedal went almost to the floor and I can feel just little bit of brakes. I pull forward the same thing. I checked the fluid/leaks etc. everything looked good. I parked it and went...
  19. SammyT96LX450

    Wheeling with Veterans

    Hey gang! This is a project I've been wanting to do for some time now. I could not serve because I was not a citizen and by the time I got to call my self an American I was "old". So I got this idea from a nbc report. There was a group of soldiers with ptsd that goes to Texas for a week to work...
  20. SammyT96LX450


    The mo4wd club is hosting an event at the Fulton Potawatomi off road park on May 31st. Mostly Toyotas. Here is the link with details.;topicseen
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