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  1. ferg

    Any tips on installing a twin t-case ?

    Open/box wrench, no sockets. Not all bolts/studs/nuts will be accessible at the same time. Don't remember what order you can get to them in. Stick it up there and go for it. I had to back something off to get to another, so be patient and watch what you're doing. If you put that one on the...
  2. ferg

    Sunshine and kittens and other happy cute things

    Just wait until they get bigger. Might regret having them that close to important items.
  3. ferg

    Any tips on installing a twin t-case ?

    I put trans in first then hung all the rest of it. And yes use jacks and straps as needed. P.S. All of that looks real purty!
  4. ferg

    Builds 'George' 1983 Pickup SR5 Long Bed

    Well, my '80 Deluxe had all those instruments, steering wheel and a bench seat. Did not have stripes of what looks to be side window defrosters on your dash corners.
  5. ferg

    Builds 'George' 1983 Pickup SR5 Long Bed

    Me thinks not an SR5, but a Deluxe model. Not a whole lot of differences.
  6. ferg

    Sunshine and kittens and other happy cute things

    Scott, what do your kids think/say about it? Might give you a direction to think.
  7. ferg

    Random Picture Thread

    Hidden away waaay out in ABDSP
  8. ferg

    3rd Gen tailgate lock actuator kit by Toyota

    OK, so tis locks/unlocks tailgate from inside the cab? Does it have a switch or button actuator or what? Pics of such please.
  9. ferg

    Random Picture Thread

    Maybe you should sleep someplace else then...
  10. ferg

    Windshield wipers.......the park position

    Do they stop in the same place every time or just random location? Random then I would suggest failed wiper motor not being able to find the 'open seeking' location. Same place, possibly wiper arms installed wrong off position.
  11. ferg

    ‘79-‘83 parts

    Best bet is the wrecking yards, but that's a crap shoot for the age. Try on Marlin's forum, more pick-ups there. Or pirate. Good luck. That's a long bed that's been shortened. Come out of AZ?
  12. ferg

    The "Damn! That's a cool house!" Thread

    Looks cool to me...
  13. ferg

    The ULTIMATE Aviation Thread

    Then don't screw up. Be on top!
  14. ferg

    What Do You Do For Work?

    "almost anything automotive, outdoorsy and technical in nature " You should get into farming/ranching, has all of that. I'm retired, and not from a farm or ranch.
  15. ferg

    Artistic Cruiser Pics

  16. ferg

    Random Redneckness

    No steps to the front door either.
  17. ferg

    Random Picture Thread

    Mosin M38 for the win!
  18. ferg

    What tool needed for xfer input gear removal?

    Is there a snap ring on the shaft?
  19. ferg

    Rear Disc Brake Conversions

    Maybe read up on this. - 80 series rear axle with front axle Tundra brake mod
  20. ferg

    Rear Disc Brake Conversions

    El Dorado rear calipers are a PITA to get the emergency/parking brake to work effectively. Hydroboost is nice but without power steering belt, braking is quite difficult (personal experience on both of those) Recommend better vacuum booster and rear disc brakes from a TLC vendor. I used...
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