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    Wanted  80 series sector shaft (standard not the 105) for steering box

    Need a standard sector shaft for an 80 series box. I sent a box to West Texas Offroad to be sealed/rebuilt to go in my 62 but got the bad news today that the shaft is bent. Cant upgrade to a 105 because my longer drop 62 pitman arm wont work with the larger 105 end..... thanks
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    FJ62 - power antenna question

    89FJ62 - Question about the power antenna - I swapped in a new mast and never having had a working antenna was wondering about the switch. It appears the antenna switch functions like the power windows and pressing the button in the up or down direction allows you leave the antenna in any...
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    Cruiser in a super bowl ad

    Anyone else catch it? 52 seconds its a powder blue color truck 60 or 62. couple seconds later + they show interior you can make out rear seat shoulder belts. So keep it tech whats your guess? 60 with belts swapped in or 62 respray in light blue (that wasnt a factory color right?
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    Wanted  fj62 fuel line coming off pump assembly

    89fj62 - truck had the fuel tank recall done years ago if it makes a difference Looking for the 6" section of fuel line that connect the pump assembly to the rest of the fuel line - Part labeled #11 in the diagram thanks Wally
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    Wanted  2f lifters

    Looking for a set of 2f lifters for my 2fe project. I'll be sending them out to be ground with my 3fe cam and would prefer original toyota lifters over new aftermarket thanks Wally
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    Wanted  2f for 2fe project

    Looking for 2f from a late model 60 for a 2 fe project into my 62. More complete the better Closer to raleigh nc the better Thanks
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    fj62 egr nla

    Hey all any opinions on a source /brand of aftermarket egr valve for an fj62? its no longer available from toyota thanks
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    Wanted  fj62 rear heater hard lines

    Looking for the 4 hard lines that run to the fj62 rear heater Hoping for rust free since mine look a little crunchy thanks
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    transfer case rebuilder in/round Raleigh

    Hey all In the process of resurrecting an fj62 and was wondering if there was a recommended place relatively local where I could drop my transfer case off to be rebuilt. I searched and saw east coast gear recommended but when I called they declined thanks Wally
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    Miles vs. Maintenance in shopping for an 80

    Hey all Been lurking for a while reading up before taking the plunge and buying an 80 and am looking for some opinions. Undoubtedly a well cared for 80 will run as long as funds and desire allow. However, I'm curious how your experiences have been buying a rig that obviously wasnt someone's...
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