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  1. Splangy

    Wanted 14b-(t) or 3bii turbo exhaust manifold

    EBI has/had these reproduction 13BT manifolds if that’ll work:
  2. Splangy

    Anyone recognize this Blue 1971, and/or it's mods?

    I’m surprised the salesman didn’t tell you it was the grandmother that used to drive it.
  3. Splangy

    Anyone recognize this Blue 1971, and/or it's mods?

    Run away. I can guarantee somebody built this thing and got sick of trying to fix all of their F-ups and unloaded it on some poor sucker. edit: Oops. Just reread your first post. Good luck!
  4. Splangy

    Anyone know where to buy these?

    Available almost anywhere including eBay. As are the Triumph sender boots commonly used as a replacement.
  5. Splangy

    Wanted Carburetor Insulator block # 21912-61020

    Wasn’t the insulator integrated with the heat shield?
  6. Splangy

    Prices please?

    It’s gonna be hard to top this one for worst thread of 2020. edit: just realized it’s in chit chat now. Sodomy. That just made it better.
  7. Splangy

    Parking Brake Aluminum C washer location?

    It’s a jumper to reset the parking brake maintenance light.
  8. Splangy

    Prices please?

    Have there not been any other land cruisers sold in Australia in the last year to compare with?
  9. Splangy

    FJ40 owners manual

    What year are you looking for? There’s a huge difference in price between a 1961 FJ40 manual and a 1981 FJ40 manual. SOR sells reprints for like $15
  10. Splangy

    Please help! I have questions about the value of parts.

    Just look through the classifieds and completed listings on eBay to see what these parts recently sold for in similar condition.
  11. Splangy

    555 TRE Paint

    No need to remove them to paint them.
  12. Splangy

    eBay Vader light sale!!! Not

    Astronomically high is somehow an understatement with this guy. But crazy enough, he seems to actually sell one or two items every year.
  13. Splangy

    Where to get H2O pump/rebuild kit for 1F eng?

    What year F engine? Not all F engines were created equal.
  14. Splangy

    Wrong parts for year?

    Rear doors are 1979-1984 vintage.
  15. Splangy

    Lets see some home made copper spoons!

    Harbor freight sells them
  16. Splangy

    Corrugated top question

    1957-1965 will fit. I’m assuming the hardtop FJ25’s started around 1957. Regardless, the top from an FJ25 through 1965 FJ40 will fit.
  17. Splangy

    POR15 as a final finish coat?

    It makes zero sense to apply POR 15 to a new part.
  18. Splangy

    Wanted Early FJ40 hard fuel line. Carb (SD40) to fuel pump

    Antony, the fittings were still available from Toyota the last time I checked. You can use standard tubing with them and bend a new one.
  19. Splangy

    Assistance with 1966 FJ 40

    The wiring and vacuum lines are very simple on a stock 1966 FJ40. I’m sure we can help you get it done just by posting pics and describing what you’re working on.
  20. Splangy

    4spd Transmission Gaskets

    That was for a PTO. These transmissions were used in dump trucks (and probably other heavy trucks) that used PTOs directly off the transmission.
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