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  1. Von Hayek

    Factory Rear Recovery Points

    The 100 I bought didn't have a tow hitch or rear recovery points. I installed a tow hitch and want to install recovery points. Looking at @TRAIL TAILOR, their website says that 60-, 80-, and 100-Series Land Cruisers all have the same bolt patterns for recovery points, but when I tried to bolt...
  2. Von Hayek

    In Search of a Sequoia

    I'm a member of the Capital Land Cruiser Club in the D.C. area, but one of my dearest friends lives in Telluride and is in search of a Sequoia. He is not knowledgable about cars and he is leaning on a broker who is telling him that Sequoias are too hard to find and is pushing my friend towards a...
  3. Von Hayek

    Help Getting a Part Number for an A/C Line

    Boy, did I make a mistake. When trying to cut a zip tie, I pierced an A/C line on my wife's 2006 100. I was looking on for a replacement and there a large number of hard lines with no corresponding diagram. Does anyone have an easy way to get the part number for the line in...
  4. Von Hayek

    Who Wanted a 100-Series Headrest?

    Someone at the swap meet asked me to see if @fireball had a tan headrest for a 100, which he kindly delivered to me. Unfortunately, I can't remember who wanted it! Chime in--I'll bring it to the meeting tonight if you are there.
  5. Von Hayek

    Nathan Carlson Comedy Dates

    If the club is looking for something to do...
  6. Von Hayek

    Grease Fitting on the Warn 8274

    The manual for the Warn 8274 says that no lubrication is required for the life of the winch unless it is submerged, and yet there is a zerk on the brake assembly. I'm assuming I should shoot some grease in this?
  7. Von Hayek

    For the Taco Junkies
  8. Von Hayek

    Mudship to Fall Crawl

    Anyone coming down past Carlisle, Pennsylvania on 81 heading to Fall Crawl? Looking to Mudship a trailer hitch from @westwardCruiser. He is less than a minute off of 81 in Carlisle.
  9. Von Hayek

    Mudship to Fall Crawl

    Anyone coming down past Carlisle on 81 heading to Fall Crawl? Looking to Mudship a trailer hitch from @westwardCruiser. He is less than a minute off of 81 in Carlisle.
  10. Von Hayek

    Clutch Problem on Jack's 40

    Dad was on Main Street in Annapolis and, when pressing the clutch, he met an obstruction of some sort that gave him a lot of resistance at the pedal. He pushed on through it and the clutch started to fail. It did not instantly fail, but failed over a short time. He could pump it up to shift and...
  11. Von Hayek

    Annapolis Meetup

    The Annapolis Towne Centre Car Show is happening this Saturday at 10 a.m. in the parking lot next to Gordon Biersch in The Annapolis Towne Centre. Some of us are going to meet there at 9 a.m. to get a spot together. Bring your Cruiser and some coffee!
  12. Von Hayek

    For Those Contemplating Colorado

    This was posted on Instagram and @SAS asked me to share.
  13. Von Hayek

    Cookout at Sandy Point State Park - Saturday 4/29

    There will be some grilling getting done at Sandy Point State Park on Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 5 p.m. I will provide burgers, hot dogs, and charcoal. If you want to attend, please bring one or more of the following: - a side - chips - buns - sodas - juice for kids - cooler with ice - trash...
  14. Von Hayek

    The Toyota I Want
  15. Von Hayek

    Need to Replace the Windshield on the 100

    What is the consensus on aftermarket vs. factory? It appears that the aftermarket windshield on the 100 started cracking at the bottom without and impact. @iptman, I know that you ordered a factory windshield for your 80. Which way should I go with this? Can I do this myself?
  16. Von Hayek

    Annapolis Meetup on Thursday, May 16, 2019

    The next Annapolis meetup will again be at Gordon Biersch in the Annapolis Towne Centere: Meet in the back of the parking lot at 7:00.
  17. Von Hayek

    Meetup in Annapolis on Thursday 4/25

    A couple of us are getting together for beers at Gordon Biersch at The Annapolis Towne Centre on Thursday, April 25 at 7pm. We will meet in the adjacent parking to lot, then amble in around 7:30. Please join if you are around!
  18. Von Hayek

    Meetup in Annapolis

    My father Jack, @RAGINGMATT, @ksrunner and I are meeting up for a beer on Thursday at 7 p.m. if anyone is looking for an excuse to get to Annapolis. We will be meeting in the back parking lot of Heroes Pub for a bit then heading in around 7:30.
  19. Von Hayek

    Sequoia Advice

    A buddy of mine is looking to purchase a used Sequoia. Any year ranges he should look for or stay away from?
  20. Von Hayek

    5th Gear not Engaging

    Unless I am diagnosing this incorrectly, it appears that 5th gear on 2007 is not engaging. If you shift from D to 4, the transmission should downshift and revs go up, correct?
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