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  1. Cruiserhaven

    Land Cruiser Art at Hobby Lobby

    I remembered this thread last night and asked the missus whether we had any Hobby Lobby's --she said yeah, but it's impossible to get any help there finding things. I said don't worry, it won't even occur to me to ask for directions... Found mine - now maybe this will inspire me to actually...
  2. Cruiserhaven

    3FE Owners Check-In

    I don't have one, and was interested in how it is routed
  3. Cruiserhaven

    3FE Owners Check-In

    Thanks very much for the pics, those will help!
  4. Cruiserhaven

    3FE Owners Check-In

    Does anyone have a link/source to buy a genuine Toyota OEM accelerator cable for a 1992 80 series 3FE? Bonus points for a few pics showing the accelerator linkage routing under the hood. TIA
  5. Cruiserhaven

    fj62 powered antenna into 82 fj60, how hard is it?

    Did mine many years ago - with a 87' FJ60, everything was just a plug-in to the existing harness so pretty straight forward. Looks and works very well -- whenever I am on the trail, I put it down.
  6. Cruiserhaven

    Back to the FJ40

    Looks good (except for Broncos banner in background) - congrats! Enjoy the nice new hole in your wallet :)
  7. Cruiserhaven

    Anyone else going to boycott the new Catawissa Recreation Area?

    Waiver on file, scan me in...
  8. Cruiserhaven

    Parting Out Parting out a 1970 & 1976 FJ40 in New Jersey

    From the 76" are the front end brake line "L" bracket/clip, short section of hard brake line, and that double "T" brake line junction that bolts to the frame available in decent condition?
  9. Cruiserhaven

    Wanted 76' FJ40 front end brake components

    For use with a 76' FJ40 disk brake front axle, looking for: support bracket that mounts inside of frame on front end passenger side for junction of soft line from axle and hard line to double "T" fitting mounted on frame clip for bracket section of hard line that is between axle and the double...
  10. Cruiserhaven

    FJ40 brake line pic needed

    Perfect, thanks all! (I need to locate that style double "T" fitting)
  11. Cruiserhaven

    FJ40 brake line pic needed

    Thank you! Do you have a picture of where the hard lines meet at the T? Everything was stripped off my frame and it is an earlier year (all drums) than the axles so I'm not sure if I have the holes for the "T" in the right location... Much appreciated
  12. Cruiserhaven

    FJ40 brake line pic needed

    I have '76 FJ40 axle and need to install brake lines. Hoping someone can share a picture of brake line connection to the frame for the front axle. TIA
  13. Cruiserhaven

    FJ80 pics needed

    Can someone please post an engine compartment pic showing the routing for the accelerator cable for a 92 80 series. Bonus for part number and good place to pick a new one up. TIA
  14. Cruiserhaven

    60 series rear hatch struts

    I did Amazon, had them on for a year and seem fine so far - $34.95 Qty (2) Fits Land Cruiser 1980 To 1989 Liftgate Supports, Tailgate, Hatch 010690 4231LW 4526 613393 72864 8194739 901612 PM2008 RB8795724 SG329006
  15. Cruiserhaven

    3FE Air Manifold Question

    Thanks. I took another go at it and was able to extract the air rail without removing the metal shield. Making sure I supported both ends of the rail while extracting seemed to make the difference. Thanks again.
  16. Cruiserhaven

    3FE Air Manifold Question

    To remove the air manifold (92' 3FE), does this "L" shaped metal strip need to be removed first? It seems to be preventing me from removing the rail pipe, but looks like it would be a PITA to get off, so I don't want to go there if I don't have to... TIA
  17. Cruiserhaven

    Help with e-brake picture

    Much appreciated, that is very helpful! Thanks :beer:
  18. Cruiserhaven

    Help with e-brake picture

    Can someone please post a pic of their working dash mounted FJ40 e-brake, particularly up where the parking brake cable attaches to the e-brake and the pin with the spring that mounts to the firewall. TIA
  19. Cruiserhaven

    FJ60 transfer case cover/skid plate

    When I looked a year or so ago, I was not able to find any off-the-shelf aftermarket solutions. A custom built one would likely easily cost you twice as much as just getting a used one from wherever, cleaning and painting it...
  20. Cruiserhaven

    Seat covers

    I have had Wetokole in my rig since the 90s and it has held up pretty well. I got grey and black to match my interior (looked nice) and notice the grey shows dirt or other things you may spill at bit more, so if I was doing it again I would order all dark colors. At least for me, the seats...
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