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  1. rchandler

    Throttle cable conversion

    I bought setup from Lokar worked good
  2. rchandler

    Door Choices for my '72?

    Be nice to figure out a better location for the door latch on the inside , like where the stock location is . Will need some kind of cable system
  3. rchandler

    Door Choices for my '72?

    Did long time ago , was quite a project
  4. rchandler

    Door Choices for my '72?

    Made them from template from the bottom best top doors , made out of aluminum
  5. rchandler

    Door Choices for my '72?

    Solid Half doors with best top upper works well for me
  6. rchandler

    Which Fashion Green is this.....?

    Thanks ... Was white, after I painted it was so different ... Everybody wants to stop and talk now .
  7. rchandler

    I'm screwed?

    Looks like you could get vice grips on the sides of the heads , give you lots of leverage but could snap them off ... then its drill and tap
  8. rchandler

    1/2 Soft Doors - Fit a '73

    They make great pattern for 1\2 doors
  9. rchandler

    1/2 Soft Doors - Fit a '73

    Should work .. Little trick I made the latch brackets on the tub out of aluminum ... The steel to steel set up squeaks like crazy
  10. rchandler

    1966/40 cigarette lighter location

    Mine is just below the right turn indicator ... Not sure if its factory
  11. rchandler

    4-speed gear oil?

    I tried synthetic gear oil , seals couldn't hold it ,went back to Dino no issues
  12. rchandler

    Mounting a HI-LIFT Jack

    Back seats still functional
  13. rchandler

    Pics of Green FJ40s - The BEST color. - show us what you have!!

    Factory color Fashion Green
  14. rchandler

    Bestop Supertop

    No complaints on mine, minor leaking at doors . Installed snaps to hold back flap down
  15. rchandler

    Paint color

    Fashion Green
  16. rchandler

    Im Back

    Its not too bad , have not had to make panic stop yet . Doing the rear disc brake conversion in couple weeks , hope the braking will improve even more
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