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  1. mfglenn

    For Sale Toyota Hilux / 4Runner 1KZ-TE Turbo Diesel Front Clip - $3800

    Toyota Hilux / 4Runner 1KZ-TE Turbo Diesel Front Clip with Engine & Automatic Transmission. Asking $3800 or best offer. Call or text Mike at 404-405-3182. Located in Atlanta GA Craigslist Post --
  2. 1981 BJ44 side

    1981 BJ44 side

  3. 1981 BJ44 drivers side

    1981 BJ44 drivers side

  4. 1981 BJ44 rear

    1981 BJ44 rear

  5. 1981 BJ44

    1981 BJ44

  6. 1981 BJ44

    1981 BJ44

  7. 1981 BJ44

    1981 BJ44

  8. mfglenn

    OCD Beetle??

    Jim shoot me a PM on my HJ47 top, sent you the details by email, need an update
  9. mfglenn

    60 Series Complete PTO Winch.

    Still here and interested!!! Still here and interested!!! Are you game to sell or not.
  10. mfglenn

    60 Series Complete PTO Winch.

    Still interested please contact me, pm you, also put you on my list, so you can pm me,
  11. mfglenn

    Choose your TCase / Tranny combo

    Still have the fairey? Need pics of it and PM me please
  12. mfglenn

    60 Series Complete PTO Winch.

    I'll take it, Please pm me, perfect fit for my 83 hj47
  13. mfglenn

    Wanted Looking for a Fairey Overdrive housing not the gearing from a FJ60

    Fairey It would definitely be 6810 out of your FJ60, how bad are the syncros, and is it the whole Fairey Transfer case plus gears. I don't mind giving you the gears on a trade, do you need just the gears. MG
  14. mfglenn

    any Aussies that can help me locate some parts?

    weatherstrip, side window, Any luck tracking them down
  15. mfglenn

    So Kevin, about those windows...

    Windows for a HJ47 can the window frame be modified to fit a an HJ47, and use Lexan instead of glass?
  16. mfglenn

    Aftermarket (even mechanical) gauges into STOCK cluster!!!

    Where to send? Where to send my cluster? Have you got that arranged yet? This is just to Cool on all counts.
  17. mfglenn

    TEQ Fleece Jacket

    I need one!!!!! Large for me please, let me know when there ready
  18. mfglenn

    1970 FJ40 Central CA.

    Half Doors I'll grab those if they are still available, let me know, Mike
  19. mfglenn

    1970 FJ40 Central CA.

    Good for me, Let me know about the Cowl vent Rod/pull, do you have a paypal account for payment, Mike
  20. mfglenn

    1970 FJ40 Central CA.

    Front cowl pull rod with knob Cowl vent pull rod with knob, got a price for that, I'll add it to the instrument cluster, Thanks
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