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  1. effjay60

    Cummins 5.0L V8 - Thoughts from the diesel swap gurus

    I ran into a guy at Skagit Powdercoating that had a 2.8l Cummins in his and he was very happy with it. Looks like Cummins is doing a crate motor for just this purpose...Introducing Cummins’ Crate Engine Program: Cummins Repower™ hopefully it will be cheaper than Bank's crate motor 13110 Engine...
  2. effjay60

    Cruiser cameo

    My user pic is a screenshot from Killer Elite. The amazing A.J. Cook drives one in the movie Out Cold.
  3. effjay60

    Cargo Side Panels CAD Drawings

    Perfect, thank you
  4. effjay60

    Cargo Side Panels CAD Drawings

    Anyone know where to get ABS/HPDE sheet in the Seattle area? I tried to source it online but shipping is steep!
  5. effjay60

    Wanted Older style ARB front bumper 1989 FJ62
  6. effjay60

    2006-2008 tundra

    The specs don't lie, and I'm just throwing out options. I actually own an 05' tundra and really really like it. But just to play devils advocate, It is nice that the tacoma is available with a 6 speed manual, e-locker, skid plates, and more aftermarket support. If only it came with the 4.7 vvti!
  7. effjay60

    fj60 transfer case coming out of 4 wheel high

    I had the same problem, it turned out to be the inner shifter boot. It was hardened from old age. I made a couple cuts to allow the shifter to move freely again and no more problems
  8. effjay60

    2006-2008 tundra

    Have you considered a 2nd gen Tacoma double cab? They are within an inch of the track/wheelbase, and height/width/length of a 1st gen tundra DC. Plus you can get a more capable TRD package with the Tacoma
  9. effjay60

    FJ62 destruction --> turbo HZJ62

    I have those seats in my 62 also. Very nice seats.
  10. effjay60

    FJ-62 wheel wobble

    I'm thinking trunion bearings
  11. effjay60

    New guy with a 305 FJ60

    I'm kindof in the same boat, I bought a 62 with a carbed 350/700r4/splitcase. A 5.7 Vortec will bolt into your engine mounts and exhaust, LS series vortecs will require moving engine mounts and exhaust a little. What I personally have decided on is a TPI setup. It is mpfi, cheap, bolts right...
  12. effjay60

    V8 w carb on fj62?

    I have that setup. I'm getting 9-12mpg with a torque converter that isn't locking and probably costing me a mpg or two. 4.10s and 31" tires. I like it okay...I have a TPI setup in the garage that will go on eventually.
  13. effjay60

    Best place for Carb re-build on Long Island?

    Jim doesn't just rebuild your carb, he rebuilds and tunes it to your engine configuration and driving he has that going for him, which is nice
  14. effjay60

    Q: Will a 62 series front bumper bolt up to a 60?

    It's not a direct fit but it can work. The 62 bumper is a little taller so you either need to use the bumper brackets from the 62 or make some spacers to make up the difference
  15. effjay60

    Wanted 60 series drivers side fender WA

    Hey all, looking for a drivers side front fender for a fj60 in good condition. I'm between Seattle and Bellingham on the I-5 corridor
  16. effjay60

    smog pump eleminator

    Jim C supplied mine. Works great and way less expensive
  17. effjay60

    Can you powdercoat over poawdercoat?

    The powder is applied electrostatically, so it needs to be bare metal
  18. effjay60

    Its not a pig, it's a?????

    I call mine Landy, The Cruiser, or El Cruiserino if your not a fan of the whole brevity thing
  19. effjay60

    Zombie Apocalypse Decals Feeler

    Black 1set Edition
  20. effjay60

    what should i get my saginaw from??

    I used a Man-a-fre pulley and a Man-fre mounting bracket. This pulley requires a pump with a keyed pump shaft, mine is from a 1969 Chevrolet C10. The metric threads of the Cruiser screwed right into the Chevy pump. This is a more expensive route but I am happy with the result.
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