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  1. dcamp

    For Sale Steering shaft kit

    This is what I found on their website. (4×4labs Steering Shaft Kit for saginaw power steering conversions. $189). I will be doing a power steering conversion on my 40. Let me know what you will take for this.
  2. dcamp

    Parting out my 1985 FJ60

    Looking for a power steering set-up...
  3. dcamp

    New-in-box MAF Rear DB kit (NY)

    Interested if it fits the 40.
  4. dcamp

    Do my teeth look ok?

    The wear, on the engagement end of the gear, is the result not the cause of the problem. A thorough cleaning and lube will probably resolve the issue. Good luck.
  5. dcamp

    For Sale 1977 FJ40

    Can you give me a price on the whole power steering set-up if you still have it. Pm m if you would. Thanks again on the roll bar and dash deal.
  6. dcamp

    PS conversion mounting bolts washers question...

    It's hard to tell if those nuts are toplock or nylock, either way you need two to two and a half threads showing. If you are using Locktite you can use a regular nut. As mentioned above, a little heat and the locktite will cook off.
  7. dcamp

    For Sale 1977 FJ40

    PM'ed you a couple times on the dash pad and roll bar.
  8. dcamp

    For Sale Stock FJ40 wheels - FREE if you pick them up.

    I would pay for shipping and the "pain in the arse" fee to get them to NC.... Serious though, wish I was closer.
  9. dcamp

    For Sale 1977 FJ40

    Hey Coffee where are you located in NC?
  10. dcamp

    A clean FJ cruiser looking for a new home

    I would guess 71'ish with some odd mods. I would strongly recommend pulling all the non-landcruiser bling-bling adornments off as they are negative equity... I would say 4 -5K unless the soft top and doors are OEM and he still has the bows. It may be a good candidate for a rebuild, looks to...
  11. dcamp

    Group buy-Fender extensions-interests?

    There hasn't been a first round yet. We are still in a holding pattern...
  12. dcamp

    For Sale 1977 FJ40

    PM'ed you on the upper dash pad and roll bar...
  13. dcamp

    For Sale (4) 32 x 11.5 x 15 on 15 x 8 rims CHARLOTTE

    Do you run these with a spacer?
  14. dcamp

    Wanted 1972 fj40 FUEL GAUGE

    Rob, Just arrived today, looks great. I'll have to get it installed tomorrow. Cheers
  15. dcamp

    Wanted 1972 fj40 FUEL GAUGE

    Great and thanks, owe you $ + 1 beer....
  16. dcamp

    Wanted 1972 fj40 FUEL GAUGE

    PM sent, Thanks again, really appreciate it.
  17. dcamp

    Wanted 1972 fj40 FUEL GAUGE

    BTT for a '72 Fuel Gauge.....
  18. dcamp

    How many FJ40s are represented by MUD?

    #107 Weekend drive, work in progress...
  19. dcamp

    3 speed help

    Make sure you flush it to get ALL the metal pieces/parts out. Clean it as best you can, wire brush and where the rust is bad. While you have the access I would check the transfer as well. Do a fluid change in both and button it back up, I wouldn't think twice about it.
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